EHRs in the Cloud

ehr in the cloudEHR in the cloud, unlike a local server or personal computer, cloud computing uses remotely hosted third-party servers to store data in large data centers. The data is then shared with other devices and consumed by customers on-demand over the internet much like electricity is shared over a grid. As a quick example, imagine the time, energy and cost of setting up a local server, purchasing and installing software to it, and updating software to the latest version. Instead, by signing up for services and getting an account, you plug right into the latest software and you can access it from your office, your home, or your favorite vacation spot using a desktop, your laptop, your tablet or your smart phone.

Many Electronic Healthcare Records (EHRs) companies offer cloud based services and two leading services are Lytec Cloud and Medisoft Cloud. These full-featured software applications offer unlimited support, continuous upgrades, backups and disaster recovery. Microwize Technology Inc. is a top-rated VAR for Lytec (TM) and Medisoft (TM) medical billing and electronic medical record software which are registered trademarks of eMDs Corporation.

EHR systems like Medisoft Clinical and Lytec MD offer powerful cloud functionality, comprehensive reports and management tools that are easy to use, up to date and the features are continuously updated to provide practices with the newest and best in technology. To learn more, please call your Microwize Sales Representative today at 800-955-0321.