Medisoft V25 – Version 25

Medisoft version 25 is geared towards addressing areas that impact practices the most.

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement

Increased Collection Ability

Medisoft v25 Ability

Front-Desk Enhancements / Workflow Improvement

Medisoft v25-Workflow Improvement

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Medisoft v25 Features:

The latest upgrade of Medisoft version 25 includes new features, based on your reviews and suggestions added with the cumulative sum of features over multiple annual releases.

  • Tracking and Reporting of user logins/logouts — new security and auditing tool to show which user, workstation, date/time logged in to and out of Medisoft.
  • Audit Report option to Track OCR Scans
  • Add patient DOB and Age, and Last Date Eligibility Checked on OHP appointment screen
  • Show Insurance Codes along with Insurance names in Transaction Entry tab
  • Deposit list enhancement — uses in-screen persistence of payer type and payment method values for successive deposits in the same session
  • Show up to 12 diagnosis codes – from patient case on the Unprocessed Transactions screen when no diagnoses are returned from EHR or Mobile
  • Option to change default diagnosis version to ICD-10 — when creating a new practice
  • Begin groundwork on transition of Medisoft to SQL database – early preparation work begun for possible change to v26. Utilizing resources during this release timeframe.

Optical Character Recognition (“OCR”) - Medisoft v25

Medisoft’s OCR technology converts printed characters such as policy numbers, demographic data, and copays from the patient’s insurance card into digital text in your software. You can scrape data from previously saved images or from new scans. Verify the scanned data, select the information you want to save to the Patient Case, and click OK. If you ever struggle to read your patient’s handwriting or find data entry tasks labor-intensive, with Medisoft’s v25 (“OCR”) scanning technology you can eliminate all those problems and more.

Enhanced ICD-10 Search Tool powered by IMO® Terminology

Simplify your workflow to document, analyze, and manage patient data to save time and maximize reimbursement. Medisoft V25 includes enhanced ICD-10 search powered by IMO® Terminology. Easily finding the clinically relevant term doctors need that maps to the RIGHT ICD-10 codes for billing that gets you paid. It’s faster than any lookup in a coding book. With Medisoft v25 ICD-10 enhancements you can document and bill with confidence and ease, accurately code the superbill & gain insights at the point of care.

Medisoft v25 - Real-Time Eligibility Enhancements

Medisoft V24 introduced enhanced eligibility displays to help keep your practice revenue flowing. Medisoft V25 takes it to the next level by allowing you to request additional patient demographic information with the real-time eligibility request. No more reading messy handwriting or data entry mistakes that can lead to denials that are expensive to rework. Now you can verify that you have accurate patient insurance information including coverage, copays, coinsurance, deductibles, and key patient demographics. You’ll also save precious time with fewer clicks for eligibility checks. Enhanced intelligence means the system knows when to skip prompts that don’t apply, resulting in a faster workflow.

Medisoft v25 - Office Hours Appointment Screen Enhancements

New enhancements to the Office Hours appointment screen puts all the information you need right at your fingertips. Save time and money with easy to read the date of birth, age, and last date for an eligibility check.

Save Time Processing Your Deposits in Medisoft v25

Processing several transactions with the same payor type and payment method is quite frustrating, having to constantly set those parameters with each new entry. In Medisoft V25, we’ve eliminated that headache. Now, when you set the payor and payment type and process the deposit, your next entry will automatically default to those choices for the next transaction. We call this in-screen persistence and it will save you clicks and time so you can group and process your deposits more quickly.

Protect Your Practice from Business Disruptions

Disruptions from unauthorized access to your system can cost your business time and money. With login/ logout audit trail reporting in Medisoft V25, now you can quickly and easily track logins and logouts by the computer workstation, the user who attempted or successfully logged-in, and the time and date of each event. Login/ Logout audit trails are always on and can’t be turned off, giving your practice an added level of security against bad actors.

Medisoft v25 - Insurance Codes on Transaction Entry Tab

In Medisoft V25, you can now see insurance codes along with insurance names on the transaction entry screen. Previously, you would see only the name of the insurance, but multiple names for the same insurance provider in multiple locations can be confusing and slow the efficiency of your workflow. With added insurance codes, the correct insurance is more recognizable, allowing you to quickly verify the correct insurance for the transaction speeding your workflow.

Supercharge Your Productivity with Medisoft Mobile

The Medisoft Mobile app allows your providers to access key functions and patient data in their Medisoft practice management system using their phone or tablet devices. Using Medisoft Mobile, you can manage appointments, look up patient information, review patient visits, submit charges to your PM system, and perform other vital tasks from anywhere at any time.

Medisoft Mobile v3.2 includes a plethora of mobile app enhancements designed to make your patient interactions more efficient and effective. Updates Include:

  • The ability to select a case from the Superbill, Charges, or Appointment screens. You can also pull the diagnosis from the case and display it on the patient preview area.
  • New functionality that enables you to edit or delete an existing single appointment directly in the app.
  • Detailed patient balances allowing you to see a breakdown of the patient’s remainder balances which comprise the guarantor balance.
  • Views for additional insurance information on the patient card, including policy information; the addition of a middle initial to your patient names for easier searching and sorting; plus the addition of facility codes for more accurate facility selection.

Transaction Entry and Transaction Edit Updates Designed for Speed and Efficiency

Medical coding and billing involve complex processes. Robust insurance and patient billing solution is key to running a successful practice. That’s why we are constantly evolving the Medisoft platform to be faster and more efficient. Here are a few updates that will help you reduce denials, improve accuracy, and speed cash collections.

Reduce Rejections and Denials with Transaction Entry Alerts

New Transaction Entry Alerts, released in Medisoft V24, allow you to create customized alerts for common denials. These make it easier to notify billers when there are potentially incorrect or incomplete charges before sending a claim to the insurance carrier.  This saves the cost of rework and increases payment velocity.

Bill with More Accuracy with Expanded Diagnosis Codes

In Medisoft V25, you can now pull and display up to 12 diagnosis codes from the Patient Case in the unprocessed transaction edits if connected to an EHR or Medisoft Mobile and no diagnosis codes are sent from those sources for the bill. Bill with more accuracy and ensure you are collecting all the revenue you are due.

Medisoft is the most popular choice for medical billing software for a reason. With each new release, it keeps getting better and more powerful as new features are added.
Medisoft version 25 is the latest and most powerful version of Medisoft.

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