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About Us

Why Should You Choose Microwize?

Physicians are earning 35% less than ten years ago, while expenses keep rising, which is forcing private physicians to sell out to hospitals and larger groups. Microwize products and services help physicians to overcome challenges, improving reimbursement so they can stay independent and no longer have to suffer low cash flow or missing revenue.

Microwize Technology has been helping thousands of health care professionals since 1997 with billing, scheduling, and electronic health record programs that allow the provider and staff to focus on patient care.

These solutions, coupled with our computer services, have proven to increase revenues, reduce costs, and enhance employee productivity.

With Microwize’s seasoned team of professionals, our implementation success rate exceeds three times the national standard. When would you like to discuss how these solutions can empower your practice?

We understand you have lots of options; let’s clarify why you should pick Microwize with a simple explanation:

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Our integrated solutions provide everything you need to control expenses, increase revenues, and provide better patient care.

Low cost system is a great value

Easy to learn and use

Variety of solutions to choose from

Local support and training

Award winning support

We deliver peace of mind

A Partner You Can Count On

With skyrocketing expenses and ever decreasing revenues, today’s practice needs a partner to count on.  When you partner with Microwize, you expect great things to happen.

Your patient records become more accessible and accurate.  Your practice billing becomes more efficient.  As a result, your income and performance increase.

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Client Testimonials

Microwize is the leading healthcare technology provider.  But don’t take our word for it, read what our happy clients have to say.
Medical Practice

Everything at the office went extremely smooth and very quick. The difference between installations @ home PC and office system was like night vs. day!

I had our 3-user system upgrades, converted, up & running in less than 2 hours.

I want you to know how appreciative I am with you and your staff. You came to my rescue at the beginning and that was very classy, really!

Mazen O Kamen
MD., F.A.C.C

We had a problem in our Lytec software in regards to submission to McKesson. Mr. Michael Salib was kind enough to take my office staff and correct the glitch that was apparently in the system between Lytec and McKesson.

I just want to convey our gratitude and admiration for the professionalism and the level of knowledge and the know how Mr. Salib proved to our staff.


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How We Got Started

It was an idle day in August of 1995, and he received a phone call from a family member indicating that his mother had been taken to the hospital. After spending four days at the facility, he learned how hard doctors work, day in, day out, and learned what little technology did to improve his mother’s quality of care in addition to not improving the quality of life of the doctors, nurses, and other caregivers.

A few months later, he was invited to a doctor’s office to observe their daily routine and he realized how much help they needed inside of their practice due to the complete lack of information flow within the office. While he was taking care of their basic computer needs, his curiosity regarding the medical industry was piqued. He did some research and found some incredible statistics:

  • According to the Commonwealth Fund Commission, the US is experiencing 100,000 to 150,000 preventable deaths on an annual basis and spending $100 billion per year needlessly on healthcare
  • Every year, 20 million unnecessary antibiotics prescriptions are given out, 7.5 million unnecessary medical or surgical procedures are performed, and 8.9 million unnecessary hospitalizations occur
  • Nearly 1% of patient charts are misplaced or lost on an annual basis

This person believed in their heart that they could improve the state of the industry by providing cutting-edge, innovative solutions for physicians and healthcare facilities. While he aimed to start a for-profit business, he was initially accused of founding a non-profit organization; however, he believe that if he did the right thing, rather than make an easy sale, success would eventually follow. He founded a company that became one of the first value added resellers to offer electronic medical records and continues to remain in the forefront of the electronic healthcare revolution by offering solutions such as e-prescribing and patient portal access.

He is extremely proud to have founded a company within a fledgling industry on to watch it mature while the electronic medical revolution takes hold in today’s marketplace. His name is Robert Gabriel, President; CEO of Microwize Technology.

Our only commitment is to your success. That’s why our clients are our best advertisements.

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