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Microwize understands that Durable Medical Equipment (DME) billing is not like other types of medical billing and coding procedures and the complicated nature of reimbursement is a huge challenge for any DME provider. This is where Microwize comes in! Our billers and coders have in-depth, expert knowledge of all HCPCS Level II codes. We will help you code claims and know when to send them for getting the right reimbursement amounts that will increase your business and streamline your DME process!

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Why DME Billing Services by Microwize?

Regulatory standards and compliance are constantly changing, all while the Durable Medical Equipment (DME) industry is going through a rapid phase of growth. Due to the increase in population, the growing number of people with sleep apnea, diabetes, and respiratory disease, the demand for home care as well as DME will be in high demand.

It is important to find a reliable partner that understands the process and requirements of your front and back-office operations. Checking patient demographics and necessary documents to determine eligibility are crucial to your bottom line.

Outsourcing DME billing is an approach many providers seek in order to continue working without worrying about staff shortcomings. Neglecting the DME billing process can lead to low productivity, heightened costs, and disruptions in operations–which not only costs you money but often leaves money on the table that should be in your pocket. The additional value that you receive in collections, decreased operational costs, and peace of mind in having a reliable, experienced partner are the main reasons outsourcing is becoming the choice of many providers.

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Our DME Billing Services Include:

  • Claim submission: Submitting claims of billable fees to payers (insurance companies)
  • Coding: Properly coding diagnoses (ICD-10), modifiers  and procedures (CPT).
  • Denial & Rejection management as well as Appeals on all levels
  • Patient collections: Based on fee schedule, determining patient balances and collecting payments.
  • Demographic/Preregistration: Collecting registration information, such as insurance coverage, before a patient arrives for inpatient or outpatient procedures.
  • Eligibility: Verify insurance coverage via an automated system, avoid unpaid claims.
  • Remittance processing: Applying or rejecting payments through remittance processing.
  • Follow up: Collecting payments from third-party insurers and patients.

DME Billing by Microwize

It is important to gather all the necessary documents and continue the process of claims submission after the initial invoice is coded. Missing documents, or not being fully informed of payer requirements or DME guidelines, are often why denial rates are high. Cleaning up your claims can significantly reduce denials and days in A/R, and guarantee improved cash flow. The DME billing management process encompasses both front- and back-end activities that are vital for submitting to and ultimately getting paid by the insurance company.

DME coding

DME Coding by Microwize

DME coding translates therapeutic medical equipment involved in the treatment of a patient into alphanumeric codes. Such codes aid providers and distributors in the tracking of medical equipment. An example of this is the HCPCS code for a glucose monitor: A9276. DME coding is done by a specialized segment of medical coders who are familiar with the entire directory of codes that are often used for DME services.

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