EMR software now provides solutions for long-term care facilities

While doctors and small medical facilities have been able to use approved electronic medical records software for quite some time, those in long-term care facilities have needed to rely on consultation to choose the best product for their needs.

However, on November 7, the Certification Commission for Health Information Tehcnology (CCHIT) announced that it had approved certain electronic medical records software specifically designed for post-acute and long-term care. This was the first time the agency had awarded certification to this type of software.

According to CCHIT – which is one of the six major private institutions capable of certifying medical software for the government's meaningful use initiative – the selected titles can be an added resource to professionals working in rehabilitation centers, skilled-nursing facilities or in a home health care setting.

"This CCHIT certification offers [long-term and post-acute care] providers greater assurance that their EHR systems will support their individual patient care and business needs," Cynthia Morton, executive vice president for the National Association for the Support of Long Term Care, said in a statement. "Our association supports CCHIT’s efforts to raise the bar for EHRs used in these care settings."

However, despite the certification, professionals who work in this type of healthcare setting may still be well advised to seek the guidance of an experienced reseller that can offer consolation. While the approved software may offer benefits, one may better integrate with a facilities existing hardware.

Those who work in more traditional settings can rely on the CCHIT's past recommendations when making their decision. For instance, the organization has certified top names in EMR software such as Lytec and Medisoft, both of which are often available from online outlets.