Healthcare and Costs Helped by Mobile Devices?

mobileA report by the Brookings Institution suggests that mobile devices could help reduce medical costs and improve patient care.  An analysis by Robert Litan, an economist for Brookings, found that using remote monitoring technologies could reduce healthcare costs in the U.S. by as much as $197 billion over the next 25 years.

The report notes that devices such as the Gluco Phone (for monitoring glucose level information) and iHeal (for monitoring skin temperature and activity of the nervous system) can give patients an increasing level of control over their own care while decreasing the burden on healthcare providers and making face-to-face visits less frequent.  These mobile devices could also contribute to a reduction in medical errors, as demonstrated in cited research that found 16% of nurses reported that using such devices helped them to avoid making at least one medical error.

These kinds of mobile devices, used in conjunction with an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system such as McKesson Practice Choice, Medisoft Clinical, or Lytec MD, can dramatically improve both a medical facility’s efficiency and its patients’ level of healthcare.  For more information, please contact Microwize Technology.