Lytec ICD-10 Checklist White Paper

ICD-10 Safe Harbor by CMS

2016/10/01 00:00:00
Lytec ICD-10 Step By Step White Paper


How Ready Are you?

Lytec Version

Lytec  2014 or Lytec 2015

Sending Claims

If you want to print ICD-10 claims on paper, you must use the latest CMS-1500 form, version 2-12.

CMS-1500 2-12

Sending Electronics:

You must submit claims in ANSI 5010 format (aka Revenue Management)

Sending Electronics:

You must submit claims in ANSI 5010 format (aka Revenue Management)

To check your Revenue Management Version:

  1. Open RM
  2. From help menu click on “about”


To Update only the computers that send electronic claims:

  1. Make sure you are lock on that workstation not remote.
  2. Close all Lytec screens.
  3. Click “Revenue Management” folder.
  4. Check for updates.
  5. Follow the update screens.


How are you getting your billing and coding from the provider?

If you are getting a paper superbill, you might need to redesign it.

Did you know that Lytec 2014 or 2015 can let you do electronic superbills on the iPad or iPhone?

Lytec Mobile App

Are you using Electronic Medical Billing? If so, make sure you are customizing your Notes Template to help you with ICD-10.

Make sure if you are pushing codes via HL7 that the ICD-10 codes you send exist inside the ICD-10 table in Lytec PM.

Mapping Codes

Lytec 2014 and Lytec 2015 come with a mapping utility that takes all the ICD-9 codes and maps them to ICD-10 using the GEM code set.

Adding Additional Extended Codes

If the codes you have via the mapping utility are not enough and you need to add additional codes, consider:

A. Use Codes on Disk, which can add up to 95,000 ICD-10 codes for you. $495.00 including training and installations of how to use it.

B. Use Encoder Pro, where you can add individual codes on demand and map them to ICD-9. Encoder Pro also comes with so many other options. If you only need a few codes and are not interested in Codes on Disk or Encoder Pro, you can manually add the codes you will need. $149.

C. You can add codes manually. the following video will show you all 3 methods:

External Apps for codes lookup

I do recommend the following ICD-10 apps in case the provider doesn’t have an EMR and would like to find what codes need to be given to the biller.

  • ICD-10 Virtual Code Book ($8)
    By Precyse University Medisoft icd10
  • ICD-9 to ICD-10 Lookup
    By The Coding Institute ICD-10 training

Lytec ICD-10 Training recorded session

ICD-10 Talks recorded sessions

ICD-10 Talks

One on One Lytec-ICD-10-Coaching

ICD-10 one-on-one toatching


Basic Package $495


  • One on One ICD-10 Coaching and Training
  • Workflow analysis and planning
  • ICD-10 mapping assistance
  • Training on how to enter ICD-10 codes today
  • Testing your internal claims and coding for ICD-10
  • Testing Revenue Management ANSI-5010
  • Update Revenue Managment to latest version
  • Adding extended codes coaching
  • Unlimited access to our ICD-10 Hotline for 12 months


Premium Package $995


  • Everything in the basic Package plus
  • Codes On Disk (up to 75,000 of ICD-10 codes)
  • Installation and training on Codes on Disk
  • Encoder Pro (lookup all your coding options and mapping)
  • Instillation and training with Encoder Pro
  • Training on how to customize paper superbill
  • Firewall configuration to enable electronic superbill (iPad App)

ICD-10 Coding & Documentation

Who should get trained?

At Microwize we don’t train you on how to code. If the Physician, Medical Staff and Biller need coding training please visit:


ICD-10 Coding:

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