Lytec 2021

The Lytec version 2021 brings new and enhanced product features along with prior year powerful features
to help you streamline your billing processes and ensure you are collecting every dollar earned.

Latest technology
to maximize efficiency

Lytec version 2021 update

Provide better
patient engagement

Lytec version 2021-Patient Engagement

Tools to better collect
important patient balances

Lytec version 2021-Balance

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What’s new in Lytec Version 21?

The latest upgrade of Lytec brings new and improved features to help hardworking practices grow and earn every dollar they deserve.

  • Add enabling of SQL server FileStream to help reduce database size when scanned images are saved
  • Update MPIC to allow >4 diagnosis codes to be included in the message to Lytec for inclusion on billings
  • Create AR Tracker Notes directly from Charges & Payments screen
  • Assign Agent, Task and Due Date from Charges & Payments Screen
  • Ability to create custom color coding — for quick identification of patients (patient tags) in Patient Lookup grids
  • Salesforce licensing integration for software and all new add-ons — no more serial numbers.
  • Remove SQL Standard from Client/Server installs. If Customer does not want to stay with SQL 2012 they can purchase and install their own SQL version. Install SQL Express 2017 in non-Client/Server versions. Will support SQL 2012, 2017, 2019 only.

Lytec 2021 – Online Appointments with Vosita

Lytec lets physicians add online appointments easily; Vosita allows patients to find and book you online. We have combined these two powerful interfaces so you can keep track of your online appointments, eliminate double bookings, reduce no shows, and grow your practice by letting patients book online appointments with you online from anywhere and any device.

Lytec 2021 – OCR Scanning

Do you ever struggle to read your patients’ handwriting? Or find that data entry tasks leave a lot to be desired? Lytec’s OCR technology converts printed characters such as policy numbers, demographic data, and copays from the patient’s insurance card into digital text in your software.

Lytec 2021 – OCR Card Scanning From Insurance Tabs

Lytec 2021 scanning

Lytec 2021 – New OCR Scanning Builds on Last Year’s Enhancement to Allow Duplex Scanning

Lytec 2021-Duplex

Lytec 2021 – OCR Card Scan Validation

Card scan

Lytec 2021 – Patient Demographics from Eligibility (Patient Demographic Quick Query)

Patient Demographic

Lytec 2021 – Patient Demographics from Eligibility (Patient Demographic Quick Query) Can Be Called From Appointments Scheduler

Lytec 2021 – Patient Demographics from Eligibility (Patient Demographic Quick Query)

Lytec 2021 – Pending Patients to Verify Demographics Received by Patient Demographics from Eligibility Request (Patient Demographic Quick Query)

Lytec 2021 is the most powerful Lytec upgrade

The most robust practice management system loved by thousands of practices is getting even better with brand new features added to help you serve your patients with personalized, compassionate care while keeping up a modern, successful practice.

Lytec 2021-Address Data Storage

SQL Server FileStream

In Lytec 2021 the new FileStream capabilities allow your image data to be stored outside of the database, so they no longer count toward the database size limits. Plus, your normal database backup will automatically include the FileStream images.


Charges & Payments Workflow Enhancements

We added new capabilities to streamline your workflow. Now you can add AR Tracker Notes directly from the Charges and Payments screen. Don’t interrupt your workflow by leaving one screen for another. See these live enhancements live in Lytec 2021.


Quickly Identify Patient Types

With new custom color-coding tag abilities in Find Patient lookup grids, you can quickly identify patients with certain characteristics. Create your color tags and descriptions, assign a patient the appropriate tag, and you are set.

In the new normal, medical billing has become more challenging than ever. Lytec is the easiest medical billing software to help you cut costs and increase efficiency running your revenue cycle management. Lytec version 2021 is focused on boosting patient engagements, increasing collections, and streamlining operations by improving workflow for efficiency and speed to increase productivity.

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