Medisoft Accounting Cleanup Utility

Medisoft Accounting Cleanup Utilitiy

One of the best new features in Medisoft Version 21.

Regardless of whether or not you inherited an accounting mess from another biller or the billing history has been neglected, Medisoft V21 is equipped with an accounting cleaning tool that will allow you to purge all transactions.  Balances can be written off regardless if it is an open balance for a patient or insurance.  This allows you to be up to date on your patient collections, sending statements and your accounts receivable will be more manageable.

Q. How much of the balance can I write off?

A. Any amount you want.

Q. What happens if the patient account has a negative balance?

A. You can also write-off all the negative balances.

Q. Can this procedure be reversed?

A. NO, you must go back to a backup and restore.

Q. How does the write-off happen?

A. For example if you have a transaction for CPT code 99214 for $400 on 3/2013, no payment or adjustment was applied toward this line item. If this utility was used and the amount/date were included, an adjustment line of -$400 will balance this line item to make the line balance $0.

Q. Can I delete one of the adjustment lines that were created by the Medisoft Cleanup tool?

A. Yes