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Medisoft v26

The Medisoft v26 is designed to empower your practice to be more efficient and productive. The latest version of Medisoft has everything you need to effectively manage and simplify the way you run your practice. Take your practice to the next level with tried and trusted practice management software!

The practice management and EHR software you know and love is even more powerful!

With Medisoft v26, you can:

improve practice productivity with Medisoft v26
Improve your practice’s productivity

Increase patient engagement with Medisoft v26
Increase patient engagement

Boost RCM with Medisoft V26
Boost your revenue cycle

Why upgrade to Medisoft v26?

Over the years, Medisoft has grown into a proven and powerful full-featured medical billing software package. The newest release, Medisoft v26, is no exception. New layers of functionality have been added – making v26 the most powerful and easy-to-use version yet!

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New features added to Medisoft version 26

Take a look at some of the significant features added to the Medisoft v26 software

Medisoft v26 upgrade Patient DOB Search

Patient DOB Search:

Eliminate headaches with the new “search by DOB” feature in Medisoft v26. Search by a patient’s date of birth (DOB) for faster, more targeted results. This feature is added to improve Medisoft’s productivity so you can quickly validate patient information when scheduling, providing balance verification, etc.

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CURES Act Reporting:

One of the crucial enhancements made in Medisoft v26 is adding the latest 21st Century Cures Act requirements. The Cures Act includes provisions to promote health information interoperability, provide patients access to their records, and prohibit information blocking. Physicians are required to respond to any legitimate request to exchange or provide access to electronic health information (EHI) stored in their health records. Requests can come from a patient, another provider, a health plan seeking information for clinical purposes, or a public health agency. With this new enhancement to Medisoft, practices can print an individual patient record with all the mandatory demographic requirements, protecting your practice from information blocking infractions.

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CURES Act Reporting Medisoft upgrade v26

KPI DashboardsKPI Dashboards in Medisoft version 26:

One of the latest features added to the Medisoft is patient dashboards. You can easily monitor practice performance by examining key performance indicators with a new financial and patient encounter dashboard.

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Practice Financial Dashboard:

The Practice Financial Dashboard is an executive summary of your key financial performance metrics. This report details your charges, adjustments, and payments for the selected month and year and compares it to the prior month and year. By closely monitoring this dashboard, you can keep your finger on the pulse of your practice, quickly diagnose problems, and create a care plan to keep your practice’s financial health on track.

Patient Encounters Dashboard

Patient Encounters Dashboard:

This dashboard includes analytics of patient encounters so you can keep track of patient visits count, percent of appointments canceled or missed, and average charges per visit. The new Patient Encounters Dashboard in CGM MEDISOFT V26 provides year-over-year comparisons for critical patient data. Use this dashboard to determine if your patient visit count is growing or shrinking. Identify your patient’s no-show rate and compare it to the previous year. See the impact on your revenue cycle with a year-over-year comparison of average charges per visit. This valuable data helps you understand patient dynamics and how it is impacting the overall financial health of your practice.

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Easily Write-Off Adjustments from AR Tracker in Medisoft v26

AR Tracker writeoff Medisoft upgrade v26Another great feature of Medisoft v26 is the ability to write off or adjust balances, right from the AR tracker. You can quickly write off or adjust a patient balance by just right-clicking on a patient entry. This new productivity enhancement tool is a great addition that saves you valuable time.

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Improved Password Security

You asked, and CGM listened: a change that was suggested and requested by many users was stronger security access. With version 26, you can now improve your practice security with new password requirements. Passwords play a crucial role in shielding against unauthorized access to your practice’s computers and patients’ personal health information. The stronger your passwords, the more protected your system will be from hackers and malicious software. Password security has been amped up in the latest version of Medisoft. Passwords will now require a minimum of 8 characters with a mix of alphanumeric characters as well as upper- and lower-case letters aligning with NIST standards.


CGM CONNECTION is a state-of-the-art patient engagement platform that seamlessly integrates with MEDISOFT V26 to provide you a robust text, voice, call and email patient engagement tool. With CGM Connection, you can send automated appointment reminders as well as mass messages via SMS, email, and voice calls. Your practice can get started quickly on CGM CONNECTION with pre-built templates. Simply choose a template, customize it to your specific needs, and you are ready to launch your patient reminders. Each message can be customized and configured using a variety of parameters including appointment date, location, provider, visit type, and much more. Real-time results allow you to track confirmations and cancellations, giving you more control of your practice’s schedule.