New RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) services with no upfront investments


PARAMUS, N.J. — Microwize Technology – a Healthcare IT firm providing Electronic Health Records, Medical Billing software, and solutions – located in Paramus, New Jersey announces the release of new RCM (Revenue Cycle Management) services with no upfront investments. Physicians will have access to a certified all-in-one cloud-based EHR with a billing, scheduling, and charting system, regulatory compliance reporting for MACRA (MIPS/APM), E-prescribing with controlled substances, patient portal, clearinghouse, patient statements, technical support, and training.

Robert Gabriel, President and CEO of Microwize Technology, commented, “Our goal is to help physicians stop the bleeding that was caused by regulatory penalties; such regulatory requirements and penalties are the number one reason for physicians being chRCM Revenue Cycle Management services no upfront investmentsased out of private practice. Revenue Cycle Management is guaranteed to take the burden away from the practice’s staff on complex regulations. This model does not need to replace your current staff; it can be an augmentation where we can do as much or as little is needed. The software and the services start as low as 1.9% of the monthly revenue collected. By providing top-notch, award-winning products such as CGM APRIMA bundled with expert service by Microwize, we will do whatever it takes to help physicians stay independent and maintain their individual and small group practices.” Mr. Gabriel is a proud believer in using 100% American labor with no off-shore outsourcing.

Mr. Gabriel also commented that this new model “is not just helping existing independent medical practices stay independent, it is helping physicians splitting from hospital employment and larger physicians groups. These services are arming providers with all the tools they would normally have in a hospital-based or enterprise style practice. The new Microwize RCM services are a game changer, as most mom and pop medical billing companies don’t offer the tools and level of service necessary to maximize reimbursements and avoid penalties for physicians.”

Mr. Gabriel stated that physicians that are billing $30,000 of Medicare or see 100 or more Medicare patients per year are subject to comply with MACRA. Physicians failing to participate will be subject to a deduction of 9% per year. All the money deducted from physicians ignoring MACRA and be allocated back to the physicians that excel in performance on MACRA guidelines. Microwize is committed to helping physicians to be among the top providers avoiding penalties and striving for bonuses. The difference between a 9% penalty and a 9% bonus is 18%.

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Microwize Technology Inc. is a top-rated VAR providing Healthcare IT solutions, cloud software such as Medisoft (TM) and Lytec (TM) Medical, Prime Suite by Greenway and now RCM services. Microwize Technology Inc. has been in business and servicing medical practices since 1997. In addition to EHR software sales and support, they also offer monthly User Groups, one-on-one training, IT services, and EHR implementation and training, as well as consulting services. For more information on our RCM services, visit:

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