Microwize Announces Expansion in IT Offerings to Medical Practices Regardless of the Type of Medical Applications They are Using Now


Microwize Technology – A Healthcare IT firm providing managed IT services and cloud computing for medical practices with 10 to 100 computers located in Paramus, New Jersey – announces an expansion in IT offerings to medical practices regardless of the type of medical applications they are using now. The managed IT service expansion covers medical practices in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut and surrounding areas.

Microwize Technology is a leader in Healthcare IT that has been helping medical practices achieve the highest level of HIPAA security, assisting with programs such as MIPS/MACRA, PCMH, and more to complete security risk assessments and other healthcare regulatory compliance since 1997.

Microwize Technology’s Director of IT, Jonathan McCloskey, commented that managed IT/maintenance is important because operating systems and applications need to stay up to date. It’s not so much a matter of having all the latest features, but of having all available patches and bug fixes installed. When you have fully updated software, it runs more reliably from both an operational and security standpoint. With managed IT service, medical practices get immediate fixes for security holes, avoiding expensive data breaches. For example, the much-publicized credit bureau company hack in 2017 originated because of an unapplied patch. Maintenance also includes configuration and data management. A well-configured system uses resources efficiently and gives access to the authorized people only. It provides better response times and has fewer issues.

Mr. McCloskey believes that fixing systems after they break is expensive and disruptive. Managed services keep them from breaking in the first place. With Microsoft Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2 reaching end-of-support by January 14, 2020, many of the medical practices will benefit from Microwize’s fast and affordable services.

President and CEO of Microwize Technology, Robert Gabriel, commented, “Microwize is at the forefront of the challenges that medical physicians are facing today, and that is why our goal is to help our users overcome healthcare challenges and regulations by providing top-notch products and service, and doing whatever it takes to help physicians stay independent and maintain their individual and small group practices.” Mr. Gabriel is a proud believer in using 100% American labor with no off-shore outsourcing.

About Microwize Technology
Microwize Technology Inc. is a top-rated Managed IT Service Provider, as well as a top VAR for Medisoft (TM) and Lytec (TM) medical billing and electronic medical record software, which are registered trademarks of eMDs Corporation. Microwize services medical practices in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut and surrounding areas. Microwize Technology Inc., has been in business and servicing customers since 1997. In addition to EMR/EHR software sales and support, they also offer monthly User Groups, one-on-one training, cloud hosting, EMR implementation and training, as well as consulting services. Microwize Technology offers sales and support for nationally known brands Medisoft, Lytec, Greenway, and more. For more information on other products and services, visit https://www.microwize.com.