Our Favorite New Features in Medisoft Version 27

We’re excited to introduce to you the latest version of Medisoft: Medisoft Version 27! Thanks to feedback from users, our favorite medical billing software comes equipped with a handful of brand new features this year. The medical billing solution you know and love is even more powerful with new features designed to simplify your workflow and optimize your billing process. We’ve outlined our favorite ones and the reasons why we love them.

Best New Features in Medisoft Version 27

1. Move charges and associated patient payments

We know patient care can be complex, especially when it comes to insurance coverage. Now, when the patient forgets to mention that their insurance has changed, you’ll have a quick way to move the charges to the correct case. This feature takes away the frustration of error-prone and time-consuming double-entries. Easily move charges and accompanying payment between cases. With this new feature, mistakes and errors are much easier to avoid and to rectify.  

2. Patient chart merge tool

Everyone has created unintended duplicate patients. Maybe by error, maybe because you didn’t know a patient had changed their name. In the past, duplicate patient records cluttered reports and caused billing and reporting mistakes. With Medisoft version 27, you can easily merge one chart into another, simplifying your data and making it more accurate.

3. Co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible display

A new tool within Medisoft version 27 is the eMEDIX display. This is an advanced feature to help you identify and collect what you’re owed from the patient at the time of service. The display makes it easy to see the exact out-of-pocket amount that is due by displaying the most recent patient co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible.

4. Custom pop-up alerts & inactive patient status

Every practice has different protocols for how to handle patients with balances, missing information, cash payments, and more. With the new alerts feature in Medisoft Version 27, you can enforce office protocols and reduce mistakes by setting custom alerts for users within the software. For example, you can implement reminders to users for collecting overdue patient balances, or even simple social prompts such as asking to verify information. You can now also easily identify and mark a patients’ status as “active” or “inactive”, reducing the changes you’ll pick the wrong patient when scheduling appointments.  

The new features available with Medisoft Version 27 can make a huge impact on how your practice or billing company operate—especially if your current software is older. Combined, these new features can help improve operations in both your billing department and practice management,  which is a tremendous benefit to your business and its clients. Medisoft offers a powerful approach to handle patient billing and practice management. Without a doubt, the additions to Medisoft are helpful and go above and beyond the basics of many of its competitors on the market. Schedule a demo today.