What’s New in MEDISOFT v28? Must-Know Features for 2024

If you’re a medical billing professional, a practice manager, or even the owner of a medical billing company, you know that staying updated with the latest software is not just an option; it’s a necessity. And speaking of staying updated, the new MEDISOFT v28 comes packed with features that are simply too good to ignore. Not only is it cloud-based, enhancing accessibility and security, but it also brings a series of new features largely influenced by feedback from actual users like you. Let’s delve into some of our favorite new MEDISOFT features.

MEDISOFT v28: New Features by You, for You

What's New in MEDISOFT v28 Must-Know Features for 2024

What makes MEDISOFT v28 particularly enticing is that many of the upgrades are the direct result of user recommendations. MEDISOFT understands the significance of firsthand user experience, and they’ve transformed your feedback into tangible improvements.


1. Fully Integrated Patient Statements with eMEDIX

One of the most striking MEDISOFT features in version 28 is the full integration with eMEDIX for seamless patient statements. Gone are the days when you had to switch between platforms; everything can now be managed under one roof.

2. Enhanced Eligibility Display

Knowing a patient’s eligibility status is vital for smooth operations. MEDISOFT v28 brings you an enhanced eligibility display that provides you with detailed information, minimizing errors and speeding up the billing process.

3. Daily Appointment and Activity Review

Stay ahead of the curve with MEDISOFT v28’s daily appointment and activity review. This feature alerts providers and practice managers to potential issues such as missed copays or appointments without charges.

4. Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Support

Ensuring your practice is up-to-date and secure is crucial. That’s why MEDISOFT v28 comes tested and approved for Microsoft Windows Server 2022. Now your practice can benefit from the latest security features, staying compliant and secure.

5. Integrated Patient Responsibility Estimates

MEDISOFT v28’s new feature allows you to provide a cost estimate for planned procedures by rapidly running a patient’s insurance eligibility. This ensures transparency and improves patient satisfaction as per the No Surprises Act.

The upgrades in MEDISOFT v28 are more than just features; they are the answer to your practice’s evolving needs. This is especially crucial for practice owners and medical billing companies looking for robust, reliable, and user-recommended software solutions. And the best part? MEDISOFT v28 is currently available in a limited-time presale, offering you the chance to be among the first to leverage these amazing new features at a discounted rate.

So what are you waiting for? This presale is the perfect time to upgrade to MEDISOFT v28 and empower your practice. It’s not just an upgrade; it’s a game-changer!