Building a Strong Relationship with Your Outsourced Medical Billing Provider

Most medical practices are unhappy with their medical billing service providers, but it doesn’t have to be that way! The fact is it takes two to tango, and as a healthcare provider or owner, you have the power to really influence and build a strong, lasting relationship with your outsourced medical billing provider. Read further to learn what you can do, and forget about the days of interviewing medical billing companies, negotiating rates and legal agreements, and being unsatisfied with the collections. 

    1. Communication Is Key

Open and transparent communication is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, and your partnership with an outsourced medical billing provider is no different. Get regular meetings scheduled at the frequency that is right for your organization to check in, ask questions, review reports, etc.

Having a responsive communication channel is essential for you to be aligned with your medical biller. Be sure to set an agenda and use this time wisely to communicate clearly about promptly addressing challenges and reinforcing a commitment that billing processes remain on track. It’s easy to get busy with all the urgent things that come up in a medical practice, but don’t let this very important piece of your business get neglected. 

    1. Shared Goals and Expectations

Sharing similar goals and expectations is crucial to establishing a successful relationship with a medical billing provider. This includes understanding the scope of services, turnaround times, and expected outcomes. Discussing your vision, objectives, and expectations guarantees that you and your medical billing service provider are working towards a common purpose. A successful partnership is built on a foundation of mutual understanding. 

    1. Technology and Integration

Technology is a big part of the transparency needed. Check if your medical billing service provider will give you access to the software and allow you to be able to run reports on your own or look something up when you need to.

Ideally, your practice management software is integrated with your outsourced medical billing service provider’s system, or you’re both using the same system. This will help to avoid inaccuracy in data. 

    1. Expertise and Experience

An experienced and well-trained team will jumpstart a positive and successful relationship. A partner that has a deep understanding of medical billing codes, insurance regulations, and reimbursement processes will help to collect maximum revenue, ultimately making you happy. 

    1. Customization and Flexibility

There are no two medical practices that are the same, even within the same specialty. Each is unique, and your medical billing service provider should be billing to tailor to your specific needs rather than mold you into a one-size-fits-all solution. 

    1. Proactive Problem Solving

Issues are inevitable in any business relationship, but the way they are handled can make all the difference.

You want a medical billing service provider who spends time listening to your concerns and takes a proactive problem-solving approach. It’s a bonus if they can identify potential problems before they become major and involve you in working to find a solution that works for you both. 

    1. Performance Analysis

You will know quickly whether your medical billing service provider is doing a good job based on the collections; however, there is more to it than that and it would be wise to become familiar with other key performance indicators to have a better understanding of your practice.

Regular reporting and reviews are important for measuring performance, but also in setting the strategy for your medical practice as a business. 

    1. Continuous Learning and Improvement

The healthcare industry is ever-changing, and your outsourced billing provider should be committed to staying updated on industry trends, regulatory changes, and best practices. A successful partnership is built on the foundation of continuous learning and improvement. 

Cultivate these eight factors as part of your search for an outsourced medical billing service provider, or start working with your current provider today to implement these.  You will inevitably foster a better relationship and drive growth and success in your medical practice.