Our Favorite New Features in Lytec 2023

We’re excited to announce the arrival of Lytec 2023! With each release, Lytec gets better and better. Each year, new layers of functionality make the software easier to use and more powerful than before. We outlined our favorite new features with this 2023 release and how it can benefit your practice.

Best new features in Lytec 2023:

1.Easily create pending transactions


This is a great feature that saves time and ensures you’re billing for every completed appointment. Now, you can select a date from your schedule and Lytec 2023 can automatically create pending transactions for every completed appointment. This saves your biller a lot of time and manual data entry.

2. Co-insurance, co-pay, and remaining deductible display

This is one of your favorite features. It is best practice to collect patient out-of-pocket amounts at the time of service. In the past, the issue has been not knowing what that number exactly was. With this update, see what’s owed with the enhanced display of up-to-date co-pay, co-insurance, and remaining deductible right within your Lytec software. This real time information is pulled directly from the eMEDIX clearinghouse eligibility integration.

3. Clean up your appointment schedule

Over the years, practices can build up a lot of patient data, and have some patients in their system that they haven’t seen in years. With this new feature, you can hide these patients from your normal view by marking them as an “inactive resource” in your Lytec system. Now, outdated resources can be removed from your default view, now more clutter! This is a long-awaited feature that saves you time, reduces booking errors, and cleans up your data.

4. Enhanced appointment reminders for patients

Lytec 2023 has enhanced their CGM Connection tool that sends appointment reminders to patients. With this latest update, you can now set different facility information for patient messages and set reminder preferences. As a result, it’s much easier to get a new patient to set up in your system. Previously, you had to opt each patient in to certain references, but now you can set your own standard. Easily remind your patients to come in for their appointments with this latest update.

5. Add saved notes to payments and statements

The last new tool in Lytec 2023 is the ability to add saved notes to payment notes and references. This feature saved you time, typos, and manual entry by saving and choosing frequently-used patient payment notes and references. Saved payment notes can include phrases such as “check number”, “applied to deductible”, etc. Lastly, you can even add payment notes to your existing charge notes, making it easy to get started with this new feature.

With new features available in Lytec 2023, you can experience a significant boost to productivity and efficiency that can help you manage your practice or billing company much better. Schedule a demo today and discover how Lytec can make such a difference for you and your business.