Medical facilities prepare for ANSI 5010 with McKesson software

To prepare for upcoming transitions in the medical field, many private practices and small medical facilities are looking to software to provide solutions. While there are a number of available providers on the market, 30 facilities from Minnesota to Oregon are using McKesson's Horizon Practice Plus.

With this software, the company says its clients will be able to meet the new interchange requirements set forth by ANSI 5010. McKesson says the products can help these facilities streamline their medical billing and increase the efficiency of their doctor's medical practice management.

One of the main advantages of the software is its ability to quickly alert doctors as to the eligibility of their patients for third-party coverage, according to the company. This information can then be sent to the facility's electronic medical records, avoiding duplicate submissions that could cost a practice time and resources.

"Practice Plus offers the robust functionality and connectivity we need to continue improving efficiencies across our practice," Bob Norman, director of IT for the Mankato Clinic, one of Minnesota's largest physician-owned practices, said in a press release. "McKesson has successfully brought us through this conversion with its great technical support team, which we believe is unmatched in the industry."

Even though the Mankato clinic employers more than 700 medical professionals, the same results it gains from the software can be achieved by smaller facilities. In addition to patient benefits, software can allow doctors to better utilize their staff.

For example, McKesson software can allow doctors to reduce errors and paperwork. This means less time needs to be devoted to administrative practices and more time can be spent providing the quality care hospitals need to achieve to be competitive.

To find out if this software is right for their institution, small providers may want to work with a trusted reseller that can provide recommendations as well as training and installation.