Pediatric Billing Software

When students return to school over the next few weeks, many will be concerned with ensuring their summer homework is completed and that they have the necessary supplies for the upcoming year. While these concerns have stood the test of time, school officials are increasingly worrying about the mental health of their students.

According to the surgeon general’s website, roughly 20 percent of the U.S. population suffers from a mental health disorder. As a result, schools are now testing children so they can identify these ailments and receive adequate care before the problem develops. Recent research suggests 50 percent of mental illnesses begin by the time the child is 14 years old.

“If everyone is taking a screening test, it’s a non-pressured way to ask for help,” Nicholas McCullough, who was diagnosed with depression through this type of program, told The Wall Street Journal.

pediatric billing software

Due to the fact that these tests are becoming more common, professional facilities that treat these Americans may need to process more billing cycles in the coming months. Without advanced pediatric billing software – such as Medisoft, Lytec and also comes a full suite, that includes billing software for pediatrics, by Greenway- that can make this process easier, physicians at these locations may be adding to their workload and spending more time on making the reimbursement process more efficient. Pediatric Billing Software can help your practice become more organized, manageable and efficient. Find out how and what options are available for you.

Before making an investment in up-to-date technology, mental health care professionals should conduct research to determine the right provider. Experts advice facilities to invest in a system that is low-cost, easy to use and assists them in their medical practice management.

While budgets may be tight at many small facilities due to the economy, facilities can choose to allocate some of their stimulus money toward advanced medical billing software. Armed with this tool, doctors can get back to the things that matter – providing quality, affordable care to young patients in need.