Pros and cons of mobile medical applications to be discussed by FDA

Over the last half decade, sweeping technological developments have made medical billing software and electronic medical records a reality. While many doctors say these advances and technologies provided by vendors like Medisoft, Lytec, Practice Choice and Allscripts have had a positive development on the management and productivity of their facilities, mobile applications may now be looking to assist or supplant established medical practitioners.

Last last week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a statement indicating it would hold a public meeting to discuss potential regulations that could be enforced on the growing market for mobile medical applications in the healthcare industry. In a statement on the proposed meeting, the FDA detailed the rapid increase in apps that aim to do everything from helping consumers find out information on potential medical issues to assisting facilities with their medical practice management.

In the release, the agency noted that it could be taking regulatory action against a certain subset of apps that could pose benefits or risk to the health of everyday Americans. Under the FDA’s definition, any app that could be considered a medical device or affect the performance of a device would likely be regulated or forced to change if it was would to work improperly.

Interested medical professionals can attend the event in Silver Spring, Maryland, or watch a webcast online. The FDA’s meeting will be held from Monday, September 12 to Tuesday, September 13, and feature guest moderators such as Dr. Neal Sikka of George Washington University and Dr. Joesph Smith of West Wireless Health Institute.

Interested medical professionals that are wondering whether previously purchased products could fall under new regulations may benefit from registering for the webcast or in-person attendance, both of which must be completed by September 9. The reservations are first come first serve, according to the FDA’s website.