Study reveals best practices for eprescribing

Just like medical billing and EMR software, eprescribing is catching on with doctors who want to streamline their medical practice management. And according to a recent study, there may be a sure-fire template doctors with small facilities can follow when trying to manage their own transition to this new technology.

The study, which was conducted by Family Medicine and Community Health, found that the three stages of eprescribing implementation that, when followed, brought the highest rates of success were planning, implementation and then the subsequent use of the software by the practice.

In addition, the study found that for a practice to successfully navigate the transition they should have a leader who can advocate for its benefits, strive to communicate with clients and pharmacies during the transition and seek the guidance of trustworthy technical support. It was also recommended that doctors take on the shift with a degree of flexibility, as it requires extra work on the effort of many parties.

However, the end result could lead facilities to a number of benefits.

"Eprescribing also allows physicians to discuss medication options and the costs of drugs with patients at the point-of-care, having the potential to reduce healthcare costs and increase a patient's compliance with the recommended treatment," Dr. Jesse Crosson, an assistant professor in the department of Family Medicine and Community Health’s research division and principal investigator of the study.

Eprescribing is often the first step facilities take toward achieving EMR software, and as a result, it can be crucial for doctors to manage both transitions in a timely, effective manner. Medical professionals who feel like they could use some helping hands during the process may want to turn to a provider of not only the software, but also training and installation on top products from Lytec or Allscripts.

By forming a successful partnership with a company that provides these resources doctors could ensure they are adequately prepared no matter the big changes that come their way.