The Great Resignation and Your Practice

great resignationSome people refer to it as the “Big Quit,” while others call it “The Great Resignation.”

If you missed the ”60 Minutes” segment on Sunday, January 9th, it discussed why more Americans are quitting their jobs. Many businesses are having difficult finding skilled workers to hire. To summarize the segment:

  • More and more “baby boomers” have decided to retire and not go back to work
  • Many moms decided to stay home and not go back to the workforce
  • Others relocated to areas with more affordable housing, safer communities away from the big cities, avoiding the hustle and bustle with the option to work remotely

Some people even seem to think the Great Resignation is the result of ‘generous’ stimulus and unemployment benefits from the government. The bottom line is, your practice needs to fill vacant positions and run your business in the most effective ways. Microwize has been helping practices and billing services with remote employees for any responsibilities that can be handled remotely. Microwize is offering virtual employees who can help your medical practice with front desk or back-office functions. These include answering calls and taking appointments, following up with accounts receivable, running reports, and printing patient statements.

A fully qualified, medical billing certified and HIPAA-trained employee is ready to join your team and hit the ground running. Whether you need coverage for someone on a leave of absence or workforce augmentation, a Microwize remote employee is your best choice. At only $525/week for a full-time employee + a part-time supervisor, it is the best thing you will do for your practice. Never worry about payroll, sick time, vacations, medical or dental insurance, or the Great Resignation… a Microwize remote employee is an amazing option. Don’t compromise, go Microwize.

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