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Press Release PARAMUS, N.J. April 1st, 2020

Vosita Healthcare, Inc. https://vosita.com/ – a startup Telemedicine firm providing an online medical care appointment booking service for Telehealth appointments or standard office appointments.

Vosita Healthcare Inc.

– located in Paramus, New Jersey – announces the release of Vosita on the iOS App Store for patients to use on iOS devices such as iPad and iPhone. The Vosita 1.0 app is going to make it easier for patients to connect and use the camera on the device with very little technical experience. Vosita has also added a new category for acute COVID-19 screening, which will make it easier for patients to find providers that are willing to virtually screen patients over Telemedicine for COVID-19.

In dealing with a crisis such as the Coronavirus pandemic, or COVID-19, our goal is to provide modern services like telemedicine to the public in order to decrease the risk of infection. Telemedicine allows those who are immunocompromised or quarantined to get doctors’ advice from the safety and comfort of their home. It can also keep patients who believe they may be infected with the virus out of the emergency room.

On Sunday March 29th, 60 Minutes interviewed Dr. Amit Uppal, a critical care specialist at Bellevue Hospital, who is really on the front line of dealing with the coronavirus. Dr. Uppal said, “What’s surprising about this, is sheer volume of the patients that we’re seeing and how rapidly they deteriorate is not what we’re used to, with other conditions, similar to this, when you see patients are deteriorating rapidly.” 60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley asked, “What do you mean by that?” “What I mean is patients coming in with moderate symptoms, cough and shortness of breath, and within the course of a few hours some of those patients are on life support. And that’s really hard to watch, just from a human standpoint, to see someone get so sick so quick. And right now that’s a very common story that we’re seeing, I think.”

Dr. MICHAEL BASISTA, MD, a leading provider at Immedicenter, an urgent care facility at Clifton, New Jersey says: “I am able to examine patients over the Vosita Telemedicine videos, I MICHAEL BASISTA, MDcan coach patients to take in deep breaths, inhale and exhale.” Dr. Basista says, “Right now, our most common visit is upper respiratory infections which are common colds, sinusitis fever, cough, a lot of these symptoms are the same symptoms you see with COVID-19. Using Vosita Telemedicine helps me determine if the patient should go to the emergency room for treatment, or they might have alternate or milder symptoms where going to the emergency room can be more harmful than beneficial. We are trying to keep patients who believe they may have the virus, but have only minor symptoms, out of the emergency room where they could spread the disease to others or have their condition deteriorate.”

The Trump Administration this month announced expanded Medicare telemedicine coverage that will enable patients to receive a wider range of healthcare services from their doctors without having to travel to a healthcare facility. Beginning on March 6, 2020, Medicare—administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)—will temporarily pay clinicians to provide Telemedicine services for patients residing across the entire country.

President and CEO of Vosita Healthcare Inc. Robert Gabriel commented, “We here at Vosita Telemedicine are donating the technology and software to conduct face-to-face telemedicine visits to all physicians so they can treat patients while staying socially distant.  Our goal is to help our physicians, patients, and communities overcome the crisis and flatten the curve of infections by providing Vosita Telemedicine services.” Mr. Gabriel is a proud believer in giving back to the providers as a small price to pay in order to contain such a pandemic. Mr. Gabriel has been working with providers for 23 years serving as the CEO of Microwize Technology, a Healthcare IT firm since 1997.

The use of Vosita Telemedicine will be free for providers and medical groups for one year, with no obligation to continue to use it after the free period. In order for patients and providers to use the service, they need to go to https://vosita.com/ to join or download the app from the App Store free of charge. Click on the link for Vosita training for provider or Vosita Training for Patients.

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