Contingency Plans and Remote Work

Tips and Tricks Meeting (User Group)

Now more than ever, having flexibility in your medical practice can save the day. Being adaptable could be the difference between business interruption and being a stable health care provider for your patients. Let technology put your practice on the leading edge of medicine while making your practice a safer more efficient place to work and visit.


1. How to keep my doors open and your practice running in the event of an emergency
2. How to deliver top quality healthcare from anywhere using vosita
3. Meet timely filing even if your office is closed.
4. Can I access my data from anywhere, if I can not get to my practice? Medisoft Cloud or Lytec Cloud
5. Don’t stop your cash flow just because you are out of the office.
6. How to add accessibility and keep your practice safe.
7. What do I need to set up my home office?
8. Q&A