Electronic Medical Software

Technology continues to affect businesses and professionals of all kind, including those in the medical industry. Changing Medicare requirements have already forced physicians to adopt medical billing software, but that may only be the first in a long line of digital-based shifts doctors make in the coming years. New electronic medical software is being developed constantly, and it may only be a matter of time before the bulk of physicians’ administrative procedures are handled digitally.

electronic medical softwareSome outpatient facilities have embraced these changes, while others have handled them with hesitation. However, after analyzing the benefits of introducing electronic medical software to their practice, more and more physicians may be eager to make the switch. Microwize Technology has been helping facilities adapt to new developments since 1997, and its expert consultation and installation can bring practitioners into a new era of technology.

A leading provider of EMR software and medical billing software

Most outpatient facilities are already comfortable with the concept of medical billing software. Since the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1997 started encouraging the use of electronic billing records, more physicians have had to adopt the software. Many have found it has only helped their efficiency and productivity. By submitting claims information digitally, physicians have been able to offer streamlined payment processes and better customer service to their clientele. The top medical billing software can also help simplify a facility’s accounting procedures, cut down on a doctor’s administrative workload and slash needless spending.

Electronic medical records software such as Primesuite by Greenway, Medisoft Clinical, Lytec MD and eMDs Plus is also being implemented with increasing regularity. Many physicians are reluctant to surrender their reliable paper medical records, but often they soon recognize the value of adopting EMR software. The technology allows for easier records transportation, greater access for doctors who work at multiple locations and better security and privacy for patients. Outpatient facilities that have switched to EMR software often report easier records updating, quicker analysis of laboratory results and convenient storage capabilities.

Ultimately, medical practice management can be made simpler through electronic medical software. However, physicians who want the best results need to depend on a provider that can equip them with the knowledge and tools to maximize their investment.

The value of working with Microwize

Outpatient facilities could try to implement new electronic medical software on their own, but those who do often underestimate the complexity and breadth of implementation. Other practices may rely on installation services from overseas providers, but the lack of hands-on support and technical help can leave physicians with a system that’s inefficient.

Microwize Technology can offer the expert assistance and service clients need to implement an effective and affordable electronic medical software system. Representatives will assess facilities’ current hardware and resources, and make recommendations on the right electronic medical software for them. Once physicians have selected the ideal programs, Microwize Technology agents can perform professional installation and then train facility employees on proper procedures and functions. Microwize Technology will work closely with clients throughout the three- to four-month process and provide dedicated support to maximize the softwares’ capabilities.

That commitment to service and quality is part of what has earned Microwize Technology a success rate that’s three times higher than the industry standard. Whether they need to upgrade their current medical billing software or want to adopt electronic medical records software to increase efficiency, clients can rely on Microwize Technology to provide the knowledge and expertise to get their practice up and running on new electronic medical software.