Top 8 myths for moving to Medisoft Cloud

Top 8 myths about moving to Medisoft Cloud:

Top 8 myths for moving to Medisoft CloudMyth #1

I will have to start with a blank dataset.

Regardless of what version of Medisoft you are on, all your existing data will be transferred to the cloud including your electronic files to and from the clearinghouse and custom reports.

Myth #2

My data won’t be protected.

Microwize and the Medisoft Cloud team has dedicated security most IT departments can’t match. Security has grown into a full-time job. That is why Microwize finds the best and brightest in the field to be your personal experts. Our dedicated security team uses processes and monitors traffic to detect and prevent breaches, which many medical practices don’t have the resources to do.

Myth #3

Medisoft Cloud has less features than regular Medisoft.

Medisoft Cloud has more features than standard on-premise Medisoft!

Myth #4

Hardware headaches, printing and scanning issues.

Medisoft Cloud is headache-free, and it saves you hardware money, as there is no need to upgrade your hardware all the time because the Medisoft Cloud is using the cloud processors to do the work. Your practice will be saving money on hardware upgrades and maintenance. Medisoft Cloud will print to all of your local printers.

Medisoft_CloudMyth #5

Incompatible with add-on software.

Medisoft Cloud works much better with major add-ons such as BillFlash patient statements and online payments, appointment reminders, clearinghouses, and Electronic Health Records.

Myth #6

It costs more money.

The flat monthly payment for Medisoft Cloud includes: software upgrades, training, support, backups, security monitoring, and disaster recovery. When you factor in all of that, plus the savings from eliminating the cost of a local server, Medisoft Cloud is more attractive  – plus you get the peace of mind and easy budgeting.


Myth #7

It is not that much better to go to Medisoft Cloud.

When you have the flexibility of working from anywhere at anytime on any type of computer, you will notice an increase in productivity and patient and employee satisfaction.

Myth #8


We all are 100% dependent on internet from social media to banking online. Internet speed and reliability is a great utility that we depend on and trust.

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