From Devastation to Restoration: How Microwize Technology Restored a Practice’s Data after Hurricane Sandy

Executive Summary

Dr. Janjua’s practice in Bedminster, New Jersey was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. The power surge caused a server failure, resulting in the loss of all of the practice’s data. With patient information, medical records, and other critical files gone, Dr. Janjua was left in a difficult situation. 


Thankfully, Dr. Janjua was a managed IT member with Microwize Technology, a leading provider of healthcare software and technology solutions. He reached out to Microwize for help, hoping to recover the lost data and get his practice up and running again. 


Microwize quickly responded to Dr. Janjua’s call and provided guidance on how to proceed. Since Dr. Janjua had a backup of his data with Microwize, the team was able to safely restore all of the lost files onto a new server. With this solution, Dr. Janjua was able to avoid any missing data and get back to running his practice. 


After the successful recovery of his data, Dr. Janjua expressed his gratitude towards Microwize for their quick and efficient response. He acknowledged that without their help, he would have been in a much worse situation. With Microwize’s disaster recovery solution, he was able to quickly recover his data and get back to serving his patients. 

This case study highlights the importance of having a backup and disaster recovery plan in place, especially for healthcare practices. With Microwize’s help, Dr. Janjua was able to recover from a disaster and continue providing quality care to his patients.