Unlocking Potential: How Eye Group of Connecticut Thrives Using Medisoft


Eye Group of Connecticut is a medical practice that specializes in eye care services, including diagnostics, surgery, and general eye care. The differentiating factor that has made Eye Group of Connecticut successful is their excellent clinicians and surgeons, years of experience, and a positive patient experience that treats patients respectfully despite the very difficult landscape in healthcare these days.  


Patients demand not only high-quality care but also patient-centric care that is easy to access, efficient, and cost-effective. In addition, medical practices must also streamline their operations and billing to ensure that patients receive the care they need while minimizing administrative burdens.

Meeting these demands requires the adoption of easy-to-use software that can streamline operations and billing while also providing a positive patient experience. 


Eye Group of Connecticut has addressed these challenges by implementing Medisoft, an easy-to-use software that streamlines operations and billing while also improving the patient experience. With features like Revenue Management, A/R Tracker, and BillFlash connectivity for electronic statements, Eye Group of Connecticut can submit, correct, and resubmit claims, and receive and apply patient payments automatically. These features help the practice save time and resources while providing patients with a seamless billing experience 

Moreover, the practice uses Medisoft Office Hours to manage their scheduling and patient care. With customizable templates for each physician, easy-to-use scheduling views for one day, one week, or one month, and integrations with surgery schedules and testing appointments, Eye Group of Connecticut can deliver patient-centric care while also optimizing their operations. 


By adopting Medisoft, Eye Group of Connecticut has streamlined their operations and billing while also providing a positive patient experience. The software has improved the practice’s efficiency and reduced administrative burdens, allowing them to focus on delivering high-quality care. Patients appreciate the easy-to-use billing system and scheduling options, which enhances their overall experience with the practice. Eye Group of Connecticut has been successful in delivering patient-centric care while streamlining their operations and billing, allowing them to meet the evolving demands of the healthcare industry.