From Medisoft Version 9 to 25: How Microwize Ensured a Seamless Upgrade Experience

Executive Summary

This case study explores the successful upgrade experience of Addison County Chiropractic Center, located in Vergennes, VT, as they transitioned from Medisoft software version 9 to version 25 with the assistance of Microwize. Dr. Palmer, a chiropractor at the practice, initially had concerns about the upgrade process, particularly regarding data transfer and the lack of physical support being present. However, Microwize’s knowledgeable and responsive support team ensured a seamless upgrade, resulting in enhanced office operations and a highly satisfied client.


The provider at this practice initially felt nervous and uncertain with the upgrade from Medisoft software version 9 to version 25. Concerns centered around data transfer and the online nature of the process, without any physical support available. As a non-expert in computers, the provider was worried about potential complications and disruptions to their office operations considering the software upgrade was a big jump.


Recognizing Dr. Palmer’s concerns, the Microwize support team provided comprehensive assistance and guidance prior to the upgrade. Dr. Palmer had numerous questions, and Microwize’s knowledgeable team patiently addressed them, providing valuable expertise. Their supportive approach instilled confidence in Dr. Palmer throughout the process.

Microwize facilitated a smooth transition by implementing a well-planned upgrade strategy. Their technical experts ensured that the data transfer process was seamless, eliminating any potential risks or complications. With their guidance, Dr. Palmer successfully completed the upgrade online, achieving a hassle-free transition from version 9 to version 25.


Within a few hours of initiating the upgrade process, Dr. Palmer experienced a seamless transition to the new software version. The upgraded system exceeded expectations, enhancing the speed and efficiency of office operations at Addison County Chiropractic Center. Claims processing and payment became streamlined, ensuring smooth billing operations. Dr. Palmer found the software highly adaptable to his specific needs, with easy customization of billing formats to accommodate his paper billing methods.

Dr. Palmer expressed utmost satisfaction with Microwize’s support and expertise throughout the upgrade process. He thanked the entire Microwize technical team for their exceptional assistance. Dr. Palmer wholeheartedly recommended Microwize, acknowledging their invaluable help in making the upgrade a success.

This case study exemplifies Microwize’s commitment to providing outstanding support and expertise, enabling seamless software upgrades for their clients. The positive experience of Addison County Chiropractic Center highlights the transformative impact of Microwize’s services in optimizing office operations.