Maximizing Convenience and Efficiency with MEDISOFT Cloud

Executive Summary:

The owner of a medical billing company faced considerable challenges when considering an upgrade from MEDISOFT Local to MEDISOFT Cloud. Key issues included data transfer of patient information and an unfamiliarity with the new cloud system. With assistance from Microwize, the transition was seamless, offering training and support that matched the capabilities of the local version. The MEDISOFT Cloud platform offered the added convenience of working from anywhere, allowing the owner to maintain work-life balance effectively.


The company owner was skeptical about moving from MEDISOFT Local to MEDISOFT Cloud. The primary concerns were the complexities involved in transferring extensive patient data securely and the potential learning curve associated with the new cloud system. This resistance to change was a hindrance to efficiency and the owner’s personal work-life balance.


Microwize took charge of the entire upgrade process, ensuring a seamless transition. They not only assisted with the secure transfer of all patient data but also provided comprehensive training on how to use MEDISOFT Cloud. The training revealed that the cloud version retained the same user-friendly interface as the local version, dissolving any fears about adapting to a new system.

Additionally, MEDISOFT Cloud offered the owner the flexibility of managing the business from anywhere. This feature turned out to be invaluable on days when the owner had to leave the office early due to family commitments, like a sick child. Work could be easily picked up at home without compromising security or functionality.


The upgrade to MEDISOFT Cloud resulted in several key outcomes for the medical billing company:

      • Seamless Transition: The data transfer was executed perfectly, ensuring that no patient information was compromised.
      • Training and Support: Microwize offered training that made the adaptation to MEDISOFT Cloud effortless.
      • Convenience: The owner now has the freedom to work from anywhere, contributing significantly to a better work-life balance.
      • Business Continuity: Even on days when leaving the office early was necessary, business processes could continue unhindered, thanks to the cloud’s accessibility.

In a nutshell, MEDISOFT Cloud and Microwize’s exceptional support streamlined the company’s operations and gave the owner the gift of convenience and peace of mind.