Transforming Medical Billing with MEDISOFT Cloud

Executive Summary:

A busy medical practice faced the recurring challenge of convincing their physician to invest in annual MEDISOFT upgrades. The switch to MEDISOFT Cloud by Microwize alleviated this hurdle, ensuring the practice always operated with the most up-to-date features. This not only streamlined billing processes but also provided a reliable support team to troubleshoot issues and assist with custom reporting.


The practice was using an older version of MEDISOFT and faced considerable operational inefficiencies. Each year, the administrative staff had to spend considerable time and effort convincing the physician to invest in the latest MEDISOFT upgrade. The reluctance was due to budgetary concerns and skepticism about the value of new features. This process was not only time-consuming but also kept the practice from accessing the most current billing tools, which affected productivity and caused occasional disruptions.


The practice decided to upgrade to MEDISOFT Cloud by Microwize. This eliminated the need for annual conversations about upgrades, as MEDISOFT Cloud includes free yearly software upgrades and updates. The switch ensured that the practice always operated with the most recent features, which made billing a breeze.

Additionally, MEDISOFT Cloud provided the practice with a dedicated support team from Microwize. This team was instrumental in swiftly resolving any operational issues and was also able to assist the practice in custom report generation, a feature that was particularly important for quarterly and yearly financial reviews.


Upgrading to MEDISOFT Cloud led to a complete transformation in the practice’s billing operations.

      • Efficiency: The new features in MEDISOFT Cloud significantly improved the efficiency of the billing process.
      • Time-Saving: The practice saved countless administrative hours previously spent on convincing the physician for upgrades.
      • Support: Microwize’s support team has been pivotal in resolving issues and facilitating custom report generation, thereby making the practice more agile and data-driven.
      • Satisfaction: Both administrative staff and the physician expressed increased satisfaction with the software’s capabilities and the support they received.

By resolving the challenges tied to annual software upgrades, MEDISOFT Cloud has allowed the practice to focus on what really matters: providing excellent patient care.