EHRs Move to the Cloud

Basic CMYKCloud computing basically refers to a process of sharing resources to optimize performance. Practically speaking, that means using a network of computers to store and process information, rather than a single machine. Cloud based systems offer attractive benefits to many practices, especially those with less operating budget.

One major benefit to cloud based Electronic health records (EHR) is that they are cost-effective – there is no large up-front investment since infrastructure costs are included in the monthly price, and this allows more practices to get on board. Updates and improvements to software are not made locally, they are easily made to the cloud based software and like the infrastructure costs, are already included in the monthly price of the software.

Cloud based software is accessible from outside the office, including on mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones. This increases continuity of care for the patient and increases productivity among physicians, clinicians, and staff.

As well as software for EHRs healthcare specific cloud based services include storage options. Competition between cloud providers has the companies offering increasingly powerful functionality and in the coming year, more and more EHRs will offer cloud services.

EHR systems like Medisoft ClinicalLytec MDMcKesson Practice Choice, and Greenway PrimeSUITE offer practices powerful functionality, comprehensive reports and management tools that are easy to use, up to date and the features are continuously updated to provide practices with the newest and best in technology.