Electronic Medical Records Software

Outpatient facilities around the U.S. are approaching a new era of medical records management. Electronic medical records software is playing an increasingly critical role in the administrative duties of doctors and business managers in medical facilities everywhere. Additionally, healthcare reform efforts continue to create requirements urging physicians to adopt electronic medical record software, putting pressure on those facilities to find vendors that provide such software at a good value.

Microwize Technology has positioned itself as an industry leader in the reselling of electronic medical records software, offering Allscripts and McKesson products that can help physicians bring their medical records keeping up to date.

The transition to electronic medical records software

Physicians have long relied on paper records as an easy and affordable way to track patients’ medical status. While some may have developed a sense of comfort putting pen to paper, there are advantages to switching to electronic medical records software. Long-term storage is much easier and more cost-efficient when records are kept electronically, and transporting documents across great distances becomes less time consuming with electronic medical records software. They can also help cut down on errors and issues of illegibility. In fact, a 2006 study from the Loma Linda University School of Medicine reported one healthcare provider was able to improve its efficiency by 6 percent per year after implementing electronic medical records software.

While practicality has been a primary benefit to switching to electronic medical records software, many more U.S. physicians will need to consider the technology to meet federal and state requirements. Regulators and legislators continue to trumpet the value of electronic medical record software, and more are adopting steps that will require physicians’ to transition to digital data. In that regard, transitioning to electronic medical records software may not only be sensible – it may be crucial to physicians’ compliance with state and federal laws.

Microwize a value-added re-seller

Outpatient facilities have a number of options when purchasing electronic medical records software, however few can offer the value Microwize Technology can.

Some physicians choose to purchase the software and install it themselves, underestimating the complicated and time-consuming process that comes with implementing the software and training employees. Others might rely on providers or resellers that only offer installation services and leave the rest up to the consumer. And some will even purchase discount electronic medical records software from overseas resellers, creating difficulty when it comes time to install the programs and receive customer support. A 2011 survey from Black Book Ranking found that 90 percent of those who looked to install electronic medical records software found themselves behind on implementation goals, with many dissatisfied with their support experience.

At Microwize Technology, physicians will receive more than just electronic medical records software. The company works with customers through each step of the process, from purchase to launch. Microwize Technology representatives can assess facilities’ existing hardware, assist with the purchase of ideal electronic medical records software, and send a person out to the location to install the program. After installation, Microwize Technology representatives will help train employees on the new software, assist with customization and prepare them for launch.

It’s a dedicated process that requires commitment, but at a time when compliance and technological advancements develop at an increased pace, physicians can’t afford to trust this critical service to a provider that lacks experience and capability. Microwize Technology has a proven track record when it comes to the implementation of electronic medical records software, enjoying a success rate that is three times the industry standard.