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End of Support for Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2


Microwize has been in the Healthcare Information Technology (IT) industry since 1997. We solely focus on healthcare. However, we also listen to your needs, goals and challenges, and we tailor a solution that fits for you. Regardless of whether you have just one office, multiple locations, are a provider, or are part of a large group, Microwize is the one stop shop for all your Healthcare IT needs.

Microwize can assist organizations with challenges such as planning, design, integration, and support of both local and wide area network systems. We provide a complete suite of consulting and technical services to our customers both on an hourly, time and materials, or fixed-price contract basis.

Local Area Network Integration

Microwize is a leading supplier of networking systems and services. We are an organization rich in technical experience and enjoy a successful history in the IT business. Microwize has a proven track record of successfully leading, and managing small and mid-sized business solutions. We specialize in solution based open systems, industry-standard hardware, and software platforms to provide our customers with the most cost-effective and scale less solutions possible.

As an HP Value-Added re-seller, we provide our clients with award winning hardware and service solutions to complement our outstanding service, all giving you peace of mind. For many years, Microwize has provided consulting services and integrated solutions to meet information technology demands. We have conducted hundreds of technology oriented consulting engagements, and developed hundreds of application system solutions for our customers. For these customers, Microwize is currently providing technology based services in multiple areas including: E-business and E-commerce solutions, application systems development and implementation, LAN/WAN design, deployment, and management.

At Microwize, we understand the value and importance networks play in supporting an organization’s mission critical systems, and applications. If the network is down or not performing optimally, both the business and bottom line will suffer.

Wide Area (WAN) – Remote Multi Office Networking

With Microwize’s Remote Office Networking, you can work remotely from any computer and from any location with high speed Internet and connect to your entire office network, and office applications.

With remote office solutions you can:

  • Have your satellite offices connect without having to buy additional hardware
  • Get safe, secure instant access to all the applications that you need, wherever you are
  • Adapt easily to changing business requirements
  • Protect your essential data with enterprise-grade security
  • Improve your profitability by controlling your costs
  • Publish applications on a server, rather than installing them locally on every workstation
  • Print universally
  • Run programs on multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux)

How much more could your business achieve with a hosted remote desktop solution enabling all your employees to access the same software, same files, and information that they use in the office?

With the Microwize Remote Office Networking solution, you can take advantage of having both you and your staff work remotely whether they are at remote offices, on the move, or at home!

Solutions for all budgets

We offer several remote network solutions to fit every budget:

  • Hosted web based solutions for single PC access
  • Windows client or server based solutions for 3-5 users
  • Dedicated server based remote desktop solutions utilizing Windows Terminal Services like technology
  • Enterprise grade remote desktop solutions using thin client technology

Access Your Software from Anywhere

With Microwize’s WAN solutions, you can install your applications on a server and access them remotely. Our remote connectivity solutions allow you to access and use your medical billing, EMR, or any other software from virtually anywhere with a high speed Internet connection. This solution is ideal for practices that have multiple offices or for medical associates that may need to work from home.

Seamless Integration with Local Desktop & Taskbar

To the user, the remote application appears exactly like a local application. Remotely hosted applications will automatically show up in the local taskbar and/or on the desktop. If your users minimize a remote application, the application minimizes to the local taskbar. You can also copy and paste between local and remote applications too. Your staff will never need to deal with the confusion of another terminal screen and switching back and forth between desktops.

Automatic Backups and/or Cloud based Backup

Our Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions can ensure that your data is always safe from a disaster. With all of the ominous flooding and natural disasters occurring, it is more important than ever for you to have a backup and disaster recovery plan. If something should happen to your office, you can feel rest assured that your data is backed up, safe, and quickly accessible.

Universal Printing and Scanning

Remote Office Networking offers an optional Universal Print Driver, which eliminates the need to manage and install printer drivers on your Terminal Server. The end-user can print either to their default locally attached printer, or have the document displayed in a PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader.  Having Universal Printing and scanning options enables you to take a laptop and connect it to different printers at several offices and hospitals. With universal printing, what you print is what you get.

Apple OS X Support

Whether you need to run Lytec, Medisoft, Medinotes, Practice Partner or any other application, you won’t need to run a full Virtual Session of Windows on your OSX. Our remote office solution can make OSX run Windows applications.  You can even access the same applications locally and remotely from your iPhone or iPad device.


Remote Office Networking provides SSL encryption for your office applications. You can access the applications using a VPN client and your firewall or directly over any internet connection with the SSL option. Your office staff will not notice a difference between the connection methods, and all they will see is one clickable icon.

It’s Very Easy

With Remote Office Networking, all the application updates and storage of data will occur on the server. If you lose your internet connection, your work is safe and remains active on the server. Just reconnect and continue where you left off.

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