Medisoft Clinical and Lytec MD Upgrades to Aprima Announced by Microwize

Medisoft Clinical and Lytec MD Upgrades to Aprima

Microwize Technology – a healthcare technology firm located in Paramus, NJ providing electronic health records (EHR) software and cloud computing for medical practices with 10 to 500 employees – announces the start of Medisoft Clinical® and Lytec MD® upgrades to Aprima™. The upgrades are driven by the latest requirements by the ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule requirements.

About ONC’s Cures Act Final Rule:

The Final Rule implements interoperability requirements outlined in the Cures Act. Patients need more power over their healthcare, and access to information is key to making that happen.

Putting the patient first in health technology enables the health care system to deliver:

  •     Transparency into the cost and outcomes of their care
  •     Competitive options in getting medical care
  •     Modern smartphone apps to provide convenient access to their records
  •     An app economy that provides patients, physicians, hospitals, payers, and employers with innovation and choice

Many legacy EHR applications will not be able to comply with these requirements and prevent information blocking. Upgrading to Aprima™ by CGM is perceived as a smart move. Microwize Technology welcomes and is excited about the upgrade. So what will happen to existing Medisoft® and Lytec® users? Robert Gabriel, Microwize president and CEO, answers, “Business as usual for billing software users, Medisoft® and Lytec® will continue to be supported by both Microwize and the developer company CGM. However, for the EHR portion of the software, we encourage upgrading to Aprima™, especially if the provider needs to comply with the ONC’s Final Rule or report for MIPS.” Mr. Gabriel notes that providers should schedule their upgrades early before resources become fully committed. Medisoft Clinical®, Lytec MD®, and Aprima™ are owned by CompuGroup Medical (CGM).

The Aprima™ upgrade comes with no upfront fees to providers, free data conversion, and the same monthly maintenance pricing that providers are currently paying for their Medisoft® or Lytec® EHR. Aprima™ is a Best-in-KLAS award-winning EHR and Practice Management (PM) system multiple years in a row.

Mr. Gabriel commented, “Microwize is at the forefront of the challenges that medical physicians are facing today. Our goal is to help our users overcome healthcare challenges and regulations by providing top-notch products and services, and do whatever it takes to help physicians stay independent and maintain their individual and small group practices.” Mr. Gabriel is a proud believer in using 100% Microwize labor with no outsourcing; the 120+ employees at Microwize are all company employees trained and certified by Microwize, with no need to outsource for external talent.

About Microwize Technology: Microwize Technology Inc. is a leader in healthcare IT as well as a top-rated VAR, offering EMR/EHR software sales and support, implementation, training, cloud hosting, monthly user groups, MIPS/MACRA compliance, full-stack cybersecurity, medical billing services (RCM), medical practice staff augmentation (Remote Employees), consulting services, and more. Microwize has been in business and serving clients since 1997, offering sales and support for nationally known brands Medisoft®, Lytec®, Aprima™, and more. For more information on other products and services, visit