MEDISOFT and LYTEC are two top practice management systems available for medical practices. MEDISOFT is the #1 selling medical billing software with over 70,000 providers using it for their day-to-day medical billing and practice management tasks. LYTEC, on the other hand, is the easiest medical billing software available in the market; that’s why most medical billing schools choose LYTEC for their training software. Microwize has always been the leading reseller of CGM’s MEDISOFT and LYTEC products, and we realize how tricky it gets when you’re looking for a new practice management system and can’t decide which one is best for your practice. We have developed a MEDISOFT vs LYTEC page with our years of experience to help you decide which product is better for you.

MEDISOFT or LYTEC – Which one is the better practice management system?


Like all practice management systems, MEDISOFT and LYTEC both allow you to enter and edit patients’ demographics and insurance information, appointments, and charges and payments. However, they do this in different ways. MEDISOFT is case-based, meaning that appointments and charges/payments are linked together in a case, which holds the patient’s insurance policy and condition information (separately from demographic information like name, address, date of birth, etc.); if the patient changes insurance, a new case will need to be created.

MEDISOFT Patient Case Screenshots

LYTEC does not use cases, so insurance policy and condition information is all stored with the patient demographic information.

LYTEC Patient Demo Screenshots

MEDISOFT’s Transaction Entry screen keeps charges in one part of the screen, and payments, adjustments, and comments in the other.

Medisoft VS Lytec - Medisoft Transaction Entry

Whereas LYTEC’s Charges and Payments groups everything together.

Medisoft VS Lytec

LYTEC’s patient statements feature is more robust than MEDISOFT, but MEDISOFT allows more use of color-coding to visually track important info while entering data.

LYTEC patient list

Lytec patient list

MEDISOFT patient list

Medisoft patient list

Pros and Cons Chart of MEDISOFT and LYTEC

Database Advantage Microsoft SQL MS SQL is more advanced
Speed Fast Fast
Demographics Case-based Part of patient screen LYTEC is easier to use
Colors Uses lots of colors Uses some colors MEDISOFT’s colors make it easier to track data in the patient ledger
Scheduling Very easy Easy LYTEC allows you to use different time slot lengths by provider
Online Scheduling Available Available Both MEDISOFT and LYTEC work with
Appointment Reminders Add-on Add-on Both LYTEC and MEDISOFT offer appointment reminders via text, voice, or email
Data Entry Very fast and easy Very fast and advanced LYTEC scores higher in speed when it comes to pre-cert and referring provider data entry
Updating insurance Information Need to create new case Easy LYTEC scores higher with a very sophisticated way to update insurance information without needing to delete or reenter data
Patient Statements Easy Very easy but advanced LYTEC scores higher for a busy practice
eStatements Add-on Add-on Both MEDISOFT and LYTEC work with BillFlash
Fee Schedule Limited Very advanced LYTEC has the best fee scheduling features out of all the medical billing software
Posting Payment Very easy Easy MEDISOFT scores higher as it allows you to post codes that help you track rejections
Reports Over 200 stock reports Over 100 stock reports MEDISOFT offers more reports; however, both programs offer custom reports options
Family Billing Easy Very easy LYTEC has more advanced family billing
Accounts Receivable Follow-up Easy Easy LYTEC and MEDISOFT have the same A/R tracker features
Images Limited Advanced Don’t mistake imaging capabilities with document management software; “images” here refers to insurance card scanning or driver license scanning
OCR Available Available
EMR/EHR Add-on, aka MEDISOFT Clinical Add-on, aka LYTEC MD Both MEDISOFT and LYTEC offer the same EMR/EHR software (Practice Partner)
API/Integration Easy Easy Both MEDISOFT and LYTEC offer ODBC drivers Integration Available Available Both applications offer integration with where the schedule in the office integrates with online availabilities
Popularity Very Not as much MEDISOFT is one of the most popular billing systems as it is used in many schools and medical billing training institutions

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