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ICD-10 — CMS-1500 Claim Form Update

The U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) announced recently that Medicare will begin accepting a revised CMS-1500 claim form (version 02/12) on January 6, 2014.

Embedded in this is a requirement for some healthcare IT vendors to start supporting a component of the International Classification of Diseases version 10 (ICD-10) earlier than the anticipated October 1, 2015 date. The new paper form will allow Medisoft version 19 (v19) to print up to 12 ICD-10 codes per claim.

Beginning on April 1, 2014, Medicare will only be accepting the updated version of the form. This revised form will give HIPAA-covered healthcare providers the ability to specify whether they are using the ICD-9 or ICD-10 diagnosis codes, which is important as the October 1, 2015, transition approaches. Effectively, any healthcare IT system that submits or reports on claims data that was scheduled to be ICD-10 compliant by October 1, 2015 must actually comply with a component of the ICD-10 requirements related to claims data as early as April 1, 2014.

Medisoft Version  20 New Features:
  • ICD-10 ready, Medisoft v20 will accommodate the new code set
  • Optional add-on Encoder Pro integrates with Medisoft Version 20 to lookup and convert ICD-9 to ICD-10
  • Optional integration with EMR (electronics medical records) where you get to use code wizard to convert ICD-9 to ICD-10
  • New CMS 1500 (version 02/12)
  • Capability to link payers/insurance companies with desired codes (if they need to send ICD-9 or ICD-10)
  • Medisoft version 20 Network Pro has the capability to add a free app to integrate a superbill for your Apple mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPad Mini. Such a feature can make the use of the ICD-10 codes much easier for your practice
  • Optum Edge—Powerful Optum CodeLogic™ search engine. Time-wasting searches through multiple code books are a thing of the past. Simultaneously search across CPT®, HCPCS, and ICD-9 and ICD-10 code sets using up to four common or clinical terms, acronyms, abbreviations, and even misspelled words
  • Color code edits. Reduce research time and improve coding accuracy with at-a-glance knowledge of sex or age edits, Medicare coverage, and bundled procedures
  • Notepad. Preview a completed CMS-1500 form before submission and export your codes to Windows programs


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