Microwize Is Now Offering Remote Employee Services For Medical Practices And Billing Service Companies

As COVID-19 continues to spread, remote work is no longer an experiment, but a requirement in many businesses

PARAMUS, NEW JERSEY, USA, November 13, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Microwize Technology, Inc a Paramus, New Jersey privately owned company is now offering remote employee services to medical practices and medical billing companies.

As COVID-19 continues to spread, remote work is no longer an experiment, but a requirement in many businesses, and even medical practices and billing services need to work remotely. While it represents a huge change, the results are very promising.

Microwize has been a leader in healthcare IT and medical software since 1997. “Due to the nature of the business and the suite of products we provide,” Robert Gabriel President and CEO stated that “it was a natural addition to offer our experienced, HIPAA-trained and seasoned employees to existing and new clients in the healthcare industry. Our employees can provide front-office, back-office, and medical billing services to all types of the healthcare business.”

With pricing as low as $500/remote full-time employee per week, Microwize is able to take the burden off the healthcare business while introducing the best process and technologies to make a medical practice thrive during the difficult financial and pandemic time we are all facing. Microwize is also taking the burden of high employment costs medical practices are happy to give up, such as medical, dental, and workers comp insurances and unemployment-related administrative challenges and fees.

The New Normal

As Mr. Gabriel notes, remote work is a completely new concept for most employees; however, with the latest and greatest technology, the remote employee is constantly connected via camera or/and phone to the practice. The practice can always see and communicate with the employee as if they are in the same room, without putting the employee at risk, and the practice gets to enjoy the flexibility and financial saving. Mr. Gabriel stated that “Many of the remote employees’ positions we filled were to cover for sick employees and work augmentations.” Mr. Gabriel thinks that medical practices will continue to use such a service, even after we go back to normal.

Watch a quick explanation on how remote employee services work: