Security Measures for Medical Devices and Medical Information Are Number One Concern

Security Measures Medical Practice

It is the job of many to be concerned with the security of medical information that is passed back and forth between institutions and is saved in programs and on servers around the globe. It is also becoming increasingly important that the security of internet connected medical machines such as x-ray machines, imaging machines, and medical devices such as insulin pumps and pacemakers be a number one concern as more and more attempts are made to hack into these devices.

One such professional is a California medical doctor, Dr. David Klonoff, who has teamed with technologists and patients to develop a new standard to secure insulin pumps used by diabetics. He is looking for a way to secure insulin pumps against nefarious hackers while still letting in patients who hack their own insulin pumps for better performance.

As reported on the Practice of the Future, Insulin pumps and pacemakers are just two of the many IMDs (implantable medical devices) currently being targeted by hackers. Even the US Department of Homeland Security takes this danger very seriously and they have been actively investigating how and which medical devices could potentially be tampered with by hackers.

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