TEDMED Sets Sights on Healthcare

TEDMED logoTEDMED, a community of passionate, leading-edge thinkers and doers from every discipline within the fields of health and medicine (as well as from business, government, technology, academia, media, and the arts), held its annual conference in Washington, D.C. last week and asked its 1700 attendees to vote for one of fifty Great Challenges of Health and Medicine which they considered most worthy of thought and attention.

The challenge which received the most votes was Inventing Wellness Programs That Work (encouraging workforces to adopt healthier lifestyles), followed by The Caregiver Crisis (regarding the lack of tools, training, and support for the caregiver community).  Third place was a tie between The Role of the Patient (are patients more empowered in their own healthcare, and how should this “power” be shared with healthcare providers and insurance carriers?) and Coming to Terms with the Obesity Crisis (about moving Americans to healthier lifestyles, or dealing with the consequences from a healthcare perspective).

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