Top Ten ePrescribing States Announced

electronic prescriptionsArlington, VA-based Surescripts announced the ten states with the highest rate of electronic prescribing activity for the year 2011 this week.  The U.S.’ largest network for ePrescribing ranked Minnesota, which hadn’t been in top 10 in previous years, at the head of the list, with 61% of its prescriptions being ordered electronically.

The seventh annual Safe-Rx Awards are based on an analysis of Surescripts data regarding ePrescribing activity by healthcare providers, pharmacies, and insurance carriers in each state.  According to Surescripts, Minnesota’s gains last year were significant in all three components of ePrescribing adoption and use: prescription routing; utilization of benefit information; and utilization of medication history.  A state mandate that took effect at the beginning of 2011, as well as grant and loan programs, helped increase adoption and use in Minnesota.

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