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Vosita Telemedicine

Vosita Telemedicine

“Social Distancing” Friendly & Virtually FREE

Telemedicine, physicians can easily provide primary care and specialist, remotely monitor and progress update the status of the patient, and communicate medical and health information through the convenient use of remote devices.

Telemedicine provides a conducive way for doctors and patients to interact, and furthermore benefits patient access, reduces healthcare costs, and improves the quality and efficiency of health care services while meeting patient demands.

What is Vosita Telemedicine?

a startup Telemedicine firm providing an online medical care appointment booking service as a Telehealth appointment or standard office appointment.

Vosita Telemedicine services allow a medical provider to quickly evaluate and diagnose patients who may be separated geographically or are trying to reduce the risk of infection, AKA “Social Distancing,” but still need first-rate medical care.

In dealing with a crisis such as the Coronavirus pandemic, or COVID-19, our goal is to provide  modern services like telemedicine to the public in order to decrease the risk of infection. Telemedicine allows those who are immunocompromised or quarantined to get doctors’ advice from the safety and comfort of their home. It can also keep patients who believe they may have the virus but have only minor symptoms out of the emergency room where they could spread the disease to others.

The use of Vosita Telemedicine will be free for providers and medical groups for one year, with no obligation to continue to use it after the free period. In order for patients and providers to use the service, they need to go to https://vosita.com/ to join, no credit cards or any financial commitment needed.

Try Vosita Telemedicine “Social Distancing” Friendly & Virtually FREE…

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