Coalition Advocates for Home-Based Care

It’s been demonstrated that healthcare providers can see patients who are at home (or anywhere). Moving Health Home, a coalition of healthcare companies including Amazon Care, is now educating and lobbying officials and policymakers in support of home-based care. The group supports increased coverage for home care services and bundled payments.

In addition to Amazon’s foray into healthcare, the coalition counts Ascension, Dispatch Health, Elara Caring, among its founding members. Others include Home Instead, Intermountain Healthcare, Landmark Health, and Signify Health. Advocate Aurora Health, Compassus, Contessa Health, and U.S. Medical Management have recently joined as well. Many patients prefer to receive care at home. Home-based care also reduces costs.

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the adoption of telemedicine by healthcare professionals. Similarly, home healthcare (aka the patient centered medical home or PCMH) is getting a big push. Patients can feel more comfortable in their own homes. As a result, facilities will be more available and less-crowded. And healthcare costs can be lowered. Home- and community-based care will definitely be important to the future of healthcare. Hospice and palliative care are also making more inroads into the home.

MHH strives to change federal and state policies to “enable the home to be a clinical site of care.” Leveraging technology will make home-based care easier and more efficient. Most importantly, providers can offer medical care to patients where they are. Because of this, pandemics, natural disasters, or transportation or mobility issues don’t have to get in the way.

Medical providers, healthcare IT companies, and patients alike will benefit from home-based care. And the future looks bright!