Microwize Announces Launch of Medisoft Academy, An eLearning Platform

Microwize Technology Inc, is a privately owned healthcare IT and medical software company located in Paramus, New Jersey. Medisoft™ is a product of eMDs, it is one of the most popular medical billing software and practice management solutions that is trusted by over 70 thousand practices in the United States.

Due to COVID-19, practices across the nation are trying to run back-office operations remotely to minimize the spreading of the virus among staff and keep patients safe. Medisoft Cloud has helped practices maintain their remote operations to run smoothly, there are more practices looking to implement and learn Medisoft than ever. Medisoft Training Academy covers Medisoft features that are available for Medisoft Cloud or the standard version of Medisoft, aka Medisoft on-premise.

Learn MedisoftMedisoft™ Academy is ideal for anyone looking to learn the ins and outs of Medisoft™ at their own pace. The course is available to anyone with an internet connection for only $39 a month or can be purchased for a one-time fee for complete access anytime anywhere. Whether you are new to the medical billing industry, trying to open a medical billing service, working at a medical practice already, or hoping to land that dream job, Medisoft Academy is what you’ve been looking for.