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    Robert Gabriel

    In order to correctly swap external hard drives so that ShadowProtect will back up to whichever drive is plugged in, allowing you to have the last good backup on one drive to take off-site while the next backup runs on another drive attached to the computer, please follow this procedure.Make sure your external backup drive is plugged in and powered on (if necessary).  For Windows 2003 Server or Windows Server 2008, bring up the Server Manager (either from the icon in the Taskbar or from All Programs -> Administrative Tools.  For Windows XP/Vista/7, bring up Computer Management by right-clicking on Computer (or My Computer) on the desktop or in the Start Menu and selecting Manage.Click on Disk Management, and locate the backup drive in the list.  Right-click on its shaded area by the word "Healthy" and select Change Drive Letter and Paths.  Click on the Add button and ensure that "Assign the following drive letter" is selected, then use the dropdown menu to select the same drive letter that ShadowProtect  is set up to use, and then click OK and close the Server Manager or Computer Management window.You can check with drive letter the backup job in ShadowProtect is using by opening ShadowProtect and highlighting the backup job; the Task Details underneath will show you where the backup is scheduled to be stored.Both external drives need to be configured to use the same drive letter in order for the backup to run, and this procedure will need to be followed each time the drive is swapped, otherwise the backup will fail.  In addition to following this procedure, it is critical that you check ShadowProtect periodically to confirm that backups are running successfully.

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