Lytec 2018

What's New in Lytec 2018

  • Online patient scheduling (linked from your website powered by
  • Integrated Appointment Reminders
  • Added/Improved ICD-10 codes Searching (an online look up library thats real time update for the active codes)
  • 25 New Reports
  • Lytec 2018 is available in Cloud or On Premise
  • 20% faster with Microwize Cloud

Lytec Version 2018

What is New With Lytec 2018?

Online appointment scheduling:

allows patients to make their own appointments before, after or during business hours.  With this new feature the practice will allow an open spot to be booked online.  When a patient schedules a slot, that slot automatically locks within the patient accounting system to avoid overbooking.Medisoft 21 ICD10 search

The new and improved ICD-10 search tool:

This an online look up library thats real time update for the active codes allows your practice to search a code by clinical or billing descriptions, abbreviations, codes and even anatomical diagrams!

The integrated appointment reminder system:

allows you to remind your patients about their appointment by text, phone or secure email.  When the patient confirms their appointment, Medisoft is updated to reflect the appointment status.   The Autoremind portal also lets you work your patient recall process more efficiently.

Account Receivable Tracking Tool

Offers practices the ability to drill down into their Patient and Insurance accounts receivable and follow up on any outstanding claims or statements. The drill down functionality will make it Lytec 2017 upgradeeasy for your practice to work the AR and assign different collection tasks to your staff based on the condition of the receivables. With customizable views that can be saved, each sta member can have a different view that represents their work list for the day. You can alter the AR Tracking tool by many different values in order to narrow the scope of your work to only those claims or statements that you are working at the time.

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