Medisoft Appointment Reminders

Medisoft Appointment Reminders

Medisoft appointment reminders are generated through AutoRemind: An automated reminder system that will save you all the hard work that goes into reminding patients of their appointments.

Automated Medisoft Appointment Reminders
Microwize delivers intelligent HIPAA-compliant appointment reminders that provide patient appointments and pick-up information. In addition, we can:
  • Verify the patient’s identity before delivering appointment information
  • Confirm that your patient will keep their appointment, or determine why they cannot
  • Reschedule appointments to future slots that would otherwise be canceled
  • Fill empty slots with productive appointments
  • Notify patients that their orders are ready for pickup

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Appointment reminder

Auto Medisoft Appointment Reminder can help your practice to:

  1. Provide better service.
  2. Free up your staff.
  3. Increase your revenue.
  4. Improve your image with your patients.
  5. Reduce medical errors and liabilities.
  6. Improve population health.
  7. Reduce your cost.
  8. Increase productivities.
  9. Improve communications.
  10. Achieve better outcomes.

How does the Medisoft appointment reminder work?

You can set up the appointment reminders based on the patients’ schedules in your Medisoft Office Hours to call the patient any time within 1-7 days before the appointment. You can customize the script to reflect your own copy based on the provider, location, or appointment reason. The reminder can be a call, text, or email, or any combination of these. The appointment time, status, and patient information are constantly updated via real-time two-way communication between the auto reminder cloud server and your Medisoft Office Hours appointments.

Medisoft Online Appointments with Vosita:

We have integrated Vosita: an OpenTable for physicians: allows patients to find and book you online with Medisoft so you can get rid of double bookings, keep track of all your online appointments, decrease the number of no shows, and boost your practice by letting new patients find you, existing patients interact with you, and all patients book online appointments easily.

Appointment Reminder

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