Medisoft Clinical Replacement

Medisoft Clinical Replacement

Need to Replace Your Medisoft Clinical System?

Looking for a Medisoft Clinical replacement? Medisoft Clinical, along with several other EHR systems, will no longer be compliant with the ONC’s final rules. Your existing data can be easily converted and migrated by Microwize to a new and compliant system. When you are searching for a Medisoft Clinical alternative, look no further! Microwize can set you up with the best option. We understand you are looking for an easy-to-use but comprehensive and compliant EHR.

medisoft clinical replacement

When you’re looking for a Medisoft Clinical replacement, you want a system that is:

  1. Bridge Free: avoid systems that don’t offer you a single database. When you have your scheduling data, billing data, clinical data, and imaging data under one roof, the data flow will be much faster, easier, and more reliable.
  2. On-Premise vs Cloud: depending on your environment, needs, and size, you may want a flexible system that is cloud-based, where you don’t need to worry about operating systems, browsers, backups, or security. At the same time, if circumstances require you to host your data locally in the future, it shouldn’t be a hassle to get the data back and set up on-premise.
  3. Innovative: if the time is right for a Medisoft Clinical alternative, you want a platform, not just a system. You want an EHR that offers a robust infrastructure and a company behind it that is innovative. Healthcare is always changing, and that is why you want a company that is always on the front lines of innovation.
  4. Stable: when looking to replace your Medisoft Clinical system, you want a partner with experience, focus, and financial backing.
  5. Scalable: one reason for migrating to a new EHR is to implement software that is easy enough for one provider, but powerful enough for multiple providers to use, with an easy workflow to maximize your productivity. You’ll also want a system that can be paperless or “paper light.”
  6. Functional: you might have picked this EHR because it was easy to use, or maybe because it was affordable. However, you want a system that is amazing and easy to chart, but also powerful and easy to bill, and will streamline your workflow and efficiency.

medisoft clinical replacement

Regardless of why you want to replace your Medisoft Clinical system, look no further than Aprima!

If you’re looking to migrate away from your old system to a modern and currently ONC-certified EHR solution, we can help you with that process.

medisoft clinical alternative

How can Microwize help your migration?

✓ Data conversion: Microwize can help you export patient records out of Medisoft Clinical.
✓ Replacement: Microwize understands that Medisoft Clinical is an “archaic” system; we have the perfect modern and compliant EHR alternative for your practice. Aprima is a full EHR suite with billing, scheduling, notes, electronic prescriptions, and document management. Aprima was built from the ground up as an “all-in-one” database.

Microwize can assist you with getting your Medisoft Clinical data exported, and with the migration to Aprima. As healthcare industry changes affect your practice, we’re prepared to be your partner in adapting to those changes.

Aprima supports the following specialties:

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medisoft clinical alternative

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