Microwize Announces a COVID-19 Billing & Scheduling Service for Practices Overrun by Covid Testing

Microwize Technology, a privately owned company from Paramus, New Jersey, announces a billing and scheduling service to aid practices, labs, and testing centers overrun by COVID testing.

Testing centers and medical practices across the United States are experiencing a heightened volume in both COVID-19 patients and COVID-19 testing. Between patients requesting testing and physicians having to order those tests, healthcare workers are now working harder than ever. All parties are overwhelmed with keeping up with appointment scheduling, billing, claim submissions, and follow-ups. With vaccines becoming available, the onslaught is not going away anytime soon.

To help face this problem, Robert Gabriel: President and CEO of Microwize Technology stated “it was obvious to bundle our three existing services: Cloud ComputingRemote Employee Service, and Billing Service. Such services are designed to help testing centers, labs, and medical practices overcome the burden of the pandemic. The bundling of these services aids practitioners so that they can meet overwhelming demands without having to hire temporary help and deal with the administrative burden and unemployment insurance while maintaining the safety of their staff.”

The Problem:
With COVID-19 still looming over the shoulders of all of us, many practices have come forward to offer COVID-19 testing services. Due to the recent surge in cases, and vaccinations starting soon, practices are getting overwhelmed and struggling to juggle appointment scheduling, updating patient demographics, billing, claim submissions, and follow-ups. With such a demand it is difficult to hire and train internal staff fast enough.

The Solution:
Microwize develops a strategy and releases a service to provide HIPAA-compliant staff and leading medical and scheduling software to help take care of the workload. Services provided include appointment scheduling, submitting claims and appeals, follow-ups, patient statements, answering patient calls, and more. This service gives physicians an opportunity to have peace of mind, knowing that their staff and their patients are being protected by minimizing physical interactions between patients and existing staff.