Security of Health Data Scrutinized by Many as Apple Holds off FBI Demand

mwappleAs Apple refuses to comply (Apple CEO Tim Cook says that they do not have the technology and it is too dangerous to create) with the court ruling for them to create a backdoor into iPhones, many are scrutinizing the security of health data that is held electronically. If a backdoor to access any device or service is created, that means anyone can potentially gain access to it.

Lynne A. Dunbrack, Research Vice President at IDC Health Insights stated that, “Undermining the strong encryption found on Apple’s iPhones would be disastrous for healthcare users, whether the users are consumers with mobile health apps or clinicians with clinical apps on their respective iPhones.” She continued, “HIPAA mandates that protected health information created by covered entities be encrypted. If the FBI succeeds and forces Apple to create a backdoor to unlock the iPhone, then what happens if that backdoor technology falls into the wrong hands? Information stored on the device would be vulnerable to hacking, and if the device was owned by a clinician or healthcare organization, the covered entity responsible for that data could face stiff HIPAA penalties if protected health information is compromised.”

At all levels, if your devices, computers and software hold medical information and records, security must be taken seriously and the first step is making sure your systems are set up securely.  Microwize Technology’s Managed IT Services assess your systems and offer security solutions as well as ongoing monitoring and maintenance.  Call 800-955-0321 today to learn more about what you can be doing to keep your data safe.