Want to see the future of MACRA for Primary Care?

MACRA for Primary Care, How Is the Of Future Primary Care Being Affected?

MACRA for  Primary Care, starting in 2017, a large percentage of Primary Care practices’ Medicare payments will be based on value – not on volume, like the current fee-for-service system. High value care will be defined by measures of quality and efficiency,

How MACRA is affecting Podiatrists

How MACRA is affecting Podiatrists?

Starting in 2017, a large percentage of podiatrists’ Medicare payments will be based on value – not on volume, like the current fee-for-service system. High value care will be defined by measures of quality and efficiency, and podiatrists will earn more or less depending on their performance against those measures.

Medicare’s chronic-care management fee: How some are making it work

Since January 2016, the CMS has taken care of the monthly costs for chronic-care management of patients not performed during a personal patient visit. The CMS disclosed that around 35 million Medicare beneficiaries meet the criteria to be given this billable care-management assistance. But the agency has only seen reimbursement requests for just around 100,000.

MACRA Workshop (AM Meeting)

MACRA Workshop Starting January 2017, physicians participating in Medicare earning more than $10,000/ year must comply with the MACRA reform. This workshop will introduce you to how to get ready and what to expect. With the help of special guests, Michael Deyett and Molly Mineham from ReportingMD, experts on Medicare reporting and compliance, please join [...]

MACRA, The New Payment Reform: How To Avoid Penalties



Welcome to the world of MACRA!  In this video webinar the EHR team explains the difference between MIPS and APM as well as the requirements they have.  Changes from existing programs (MU & PQRS) happening in MIPS are discussed and suggestions for practice work flow to meet the requirements are provided.  

MIPS Track, What’s the MACRA Quality Payment Program?


MIPs, is one of the MACRA tracks, during this webinar recording, we will take you into a deep dive into the composite score and four performance categories that make up the Merit-Based Incentive System which include: Quality, Clinical Improvement Activities, Cost, and Advancing Care Information.
We will go over how they relate to Meaningful Use and PQRS,

What’s the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS)?


Alternative Payment Models are another way to prove quality of care to CMS without having to report on MIPS. During this webinar, we will provide you with information on each of the MIP’s available for the 2017 reporting year. The requirements for participation will be discussed as well as the role APM’s will play in the future of MACRA.